Confidence Rocks

Hope every one is off to a wonderful weekend!

The title of this post is because I felt fabulous at the gym. I normally wear spandex and an oversized guy shirt but was feeling good today and put on a normal shirt for once. I felt girly for the first time ever at the gym! Yes of course I was sweating like a pig, was the only girl to be seen in the weights section (this in itself I can right an entire post about) AND was wearing lifting gloves but I felt great. It was one of those days that catching a look at myself in the mirror I was quite happy with what I saw. I looked strong! I was quite happy. In turn I had a great work and really pushed myself!

Last night was QUITE the restless night. I was having dreams of running the Tough Mudder but I had on my glasses instead of contacts and was having a small melt down. Good news though is that I am getting LASIK in March SO I won’t actually run into that problem! But let me tell you, my anxiety while I was sleeping was through the roof! I kept waking up and reminding myself A) This is a dream B) your eyes will be perfect come race day. I thought it was rather amusing : )

If you have been following my posts you will know that I was doing a cleanse this week. Well Friday I managed to screw it up by skipping a day (unintentional) so today I just made a regular lunch. I actually really enjoyed the fruit / veggie days so I may try to add those as something I do every week when I am in Philly and work is paying for the fruit : )

Any who, had an awesome work out today, Fab Arms, and a delicious and healthy lunch, Shrimp Pita.

My Tough Mudder partner unfortunately had a family emergency so she wasn’t able to join me today and do the sprints we had planned. I am actually okay with it though because my legs are wildly sore and appreciate the day off. Tomorrow though will be our first long run, long being 5 : ), together so hopefully that goes well and we push each other to make decent time.

If you do try out any of the recipes or work outs I put up let me know what you think of them! I would love the feedback and the best work outs come from collaboration with other people so lets share some ideas!!


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