Limping Just a Wee Bit

Good Morning & Happy Monday : )

Hope every one had a nice relaxing weekend. I had quite the productive Sunday!

I had an awesome run, Making a Treadmill 5 Miler Tolerable and also made an amazing early Valentines day dinner, Soy Wrapper Rolls & Healthy Beef and Broccoli!


I’m having a small issue with my feet though and need some runners advice. I can finish a 5 mile + run and feel great. My breathing isn’t overly labored, my legs don’t feel like jello just yet and mentally I could go on forever. But my feet! My toes and then my instep end up feeling like they are on fire. I now have a blister the size of a quarter on my instep from my shoes / how I run / a combo of both. I’m limping around like I have a bum foot!! I want this to go away nowwww. I am not running today because it’s a circuit day but come Tuesday for my soccer game I do not feel like cursing profusely due to pain shooting up my leg.

So friends & followers what do I do?!?! Does any one have any advice? I’ve never used that newskin stuff or any other products of the sort so if you have a miracle product them helps blisters / open wounds that only running can bring about please please please tell me!!! Soccer is at 8pm EST on Valentines day so if you have any brilliant ideas I’d love to hear them as soon as possible : P



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2 replies

  1. Totally might not be any help, but after time my feet get used to the abuse. They’re calloused and ugly, but they’re tough. If it’s your instep though, have you had your gait looked at? I wear insoles in my shoes to support my ‘flat feet’, but it’s mainly so the outsides of my calves don’t overwork and tighten up.

    • One of my friends suggested a good running store in the area to have my stride checked out. I have super high arches so I will definitely see what they have to say. Now to only battle the open wound in my foot right now… Thanks : )

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