Bootcamp review, blisters and some noms

All I wanted to do yesterday was spoon with a bag of lay’s and watch TV. I know this sounds gross but I’ve had an insatiable urge for potato chips lately. No clue why! I haven’t given in though so that’s always a plus. The group work out was last night so I was being held accountable for getting up and moving. If I didn’t go the group wouldn’t have known what the work out was, hence I had to get there. WAH! Well yesterday was a little different from the recent work outs because I didn’t schedule both body weight work outs to be of interval form. I did one of them but forgot my timer so I picked a number for the reps. Worked out just dandy! Yesterday’s work out involved some bleacher runs, which I have never done before! I thought they were pretty awesome actually, definitely exhausting though. We snaked up and down a row of bleached and back, it ended up being about 20 total (1 = up and down). My legs were burning by the end and it felt awesome! I have been feeling held back by my feet lately:

Yum yum. The blisters on my instep flare up when I run with out fail. I have been switching up which pair of trainers I use daily so nothing has been super bad yet. I can definitely feel it though. The babes on my heels are actually from non work out shoes, blech. Also the toe next to the big guy on my right foot is bruised and it kills to even wear socks. It’s a total mental struggle at this point to throw on my sneaks and get out there, so far all week though I have won. I will be making it on a short 3 mile jog today and hit the weights also so I guess I have won for the entire week! Sunday we are all going hiking again so hopefully my feet don’t cause me too many problems.

I haven’t posted up an food in a while so I thought I’d share the couple pictures I do have saved up. To start though that is not listed I made an AMAZING smoothie last night for dinner because I was warm and didn’t get home until 8:30pm from the track work out.

Dinner Smoothie:

1.5 frozen bananas, cut into pieces
Fat free blueberry yogurt
2 tbls flax
2 tbls peanut butter
1/2- 1 cup of silk light vanilla

Basically add in as much soy milk as you need to get the consistency right. This baby is humungus and packed with so much good stuff. Was perfect for a post work out and pre bed meal!

This is a salad with corn on the cob and home made pita chips, how to make them is here.

Two morning star pizza burgers, more salad and pita chips.

Awesome breakfast! Bfast of champions and 1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese with a handful of blueberries and cinnamon!

So much yum! As you can tell between this post and my most recent food post I have been on a total salad kick and not cooking a ton. It’s summer though, who wants to spend their time in the kitchen when you can be outside!!

Hope every one has an awesome Friday and makes it till 5pm : )

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4 replies

  1. Blisters are for badasses..embrace those babied!!

  2. I wish I had your ambition!! I have so been looking at jogging strollers…as my excuse right now is I don’t have time for the gym between, work and having Gabriella, bc Zach and my schedules are almost complete opposite (works great for not having to pay for a sitter)..but not good for being able to work out…I haven’t bought one bc I’m afraid I won’t use it…

    • Oh give yourself a break! Post baby I am sure my priorities will change! Jumping back into it though can be scary because you don’t want to “fail”. I would say take it slow, find 15 or 20 minutes and take a lap around the neighborhood. Or when she is sleeping you can still something like jumping jacks, squat, sit up and repeat! I think once you start you won’t stop 🙂 Try this baby out at the bottom of the page next time you find 15 minutes to yourself:

      Glad you guys are doing so well!!

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