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Gosh Darnit

On the agenda for the day was a 2 mile shake out. I have given up trying to run the Tuesday and Friday runs at this 10 min pace nonsense so I ended up with hanging at 6.5 on the… Read More ›

The Running Bug

Yesterday was awesomeeeee!!! I went out saying 6 mile minimum but shooting for 8. Yours truly ran 8 miles! I could have kept going but the “sun” set rather quickly yesterday and the temperature dropped drastically. I went out in… Read More ›

Jello Arms & Bicycles

One of my best friends from high school opened a crossfit gym in Boston in Decemeber of 2011. Ever since then I have made a habit of stalking their website and borrowing workouts to do at my gym’s crossfit room. Well, last… Read More ›

Confidence Rocks

Hope every one is off to a wonderful weekend! The title of this post is because I felt fabulous at the gym. I normally wear spandex and an oversized guy shirt but was feeling good today and put on a… Read More ›


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