Sub 8 Biatch

Oh and BTW – thanks to Mr.Garmin being returned safely to my wrist I ran 6 miles over lunch with splits of… 8:57, 9:02, 8:55, 8:38, 8:10, 7:39 (omg omg omg) Don’t forget to enter for some free earring swag!

Salsa “Pasta”

When I went to the kitchen to start thinking about dinner last night I realized my groceries were a little off balance. Not the end of the world, just meant I needed to get a little creative. I still have… Read More ›

Dinner & Crafting

What a perfect little Tuesday I had! On top of the runners high I ate 100% Paleo and my energy was totally back and I went to bed with a happy belly! My perfect Paleo day consisted of: Breakfast 2 eggs… Read More ›


With out consistency a “diet” / eating plan / work out regime / anything really won’t show too many benefits. This morning was an example of mustering some will power and not caving to convenience. I leave eggs, bananas, and avocados… Read More ›


Running and Laughing through the Golden State

Peas and Cougars

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