Fresh 5 Friday – dec 14

This has been a good week for blogs. I found some super awesome chics that can cook, eat, and sling heavy weights. I am also found some fun new veggies and fitness buffs.  If you don’t know what Fresh 5 Fridays… Read More ›

Fresh 5 Friday

It’s time for another round of Fresh 5! If you don’t knot what I’m talking about check out this here post: Fresh 5 Friday.  In a nutshell every Friday I will post 5 new blogs I have found during the week who I think are… Read More ›

Last Week Tally

About a month ago I started using DailyMileagain to start tracking my work outs. I have found that being held accountable both through this here blog and my DailyMile account helps me out big time with getting my butt to… Read More ›

Fresh 5 Friday

For those of you who didn’t read my post explaining where Fresh 5 Friday came from here is a brief recap. Every Friday post 5 new blogs that you have discovered or started following in the past week. If you… Read More ›

Another Half Marathon??

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about how I had finished all the races I signed up for this year. To rewind a little bit: I had never considered racing before, in January my friend Meghan, from my indoor soccer team (which starts up… Read More ›

Dinner & Crafting

What a perfect little Tuesday I had! On top of the runners high I ate 100% Paleo and my energy was totally back and I went to bed with a happy belly! My perfect Paleo day consisted of: Breakfast 2 eggs… Read More ›


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