First Vegan Birthday!

As a few of you know yesterday was my birthday! I am a whopping 24 years old now! Meaning… I worked a full day yesterday, finally went for a run, had a really exciting meeting (will elaborate later, sit tight) and went to see the Avengers. Did you notice there was no booze involved? I think that means I’m getting old…

The entire day was all vegan too and I didn’t notice or really care either! For breakfast I did wheat toast with natural peanut butter and a banana, lunch was a fake meat wrap with avocado and brown mustard (NOM) and dinner was a quick salad of greens and couscous! I woke up this morning feeling great too! Normally when I go to the movies with the BF we eat way to much popcorn. I abstained last night and my belly could not have been happier this morning. Oh also if you are a fan of any of the Marvel movies I recommend seeing the Avengers. If you are a guy there is plenty of fighting and witty comments to keep you going, ladies… so many muscles.

On the agenda for tonight is a 3 part BodyRock work out. There is a 12 minute burn video, a 5 minute sculpt work out and a flow work out. How they have been breaking things down is that the burn work out is made up of 4-6 exercises working on a 50 sec work and a 10 sec rest interval. In those 12 minutes I promise every muscle in your body will feel like you just ran 12 marathons. The sculpt work out is a set of weighted exercises that focus on combination moves that are almost always engaging your core and various other muscles. Finally the flow work out is comprised of yoga postures that work your core and help to loosen your muscles and increase your flexibility. The whole work out normally takes under 30 minutes. Time permitting I will run today too. I got in 4.6 miles yesterday in 40 minutes, it’s nice to know I can take 12 days off running and still manage to pull off an average 8:40 pace. I felt a lot lighter on my feet than I had been recently so that was a welcome treat.

Tough Mudder count down is at 5 days!! I know I shouldn’t be doing crazy work outs this week but meh, I’m tough right? I need to focus on getting plenty of protein this week from my vegan diet so that I have all the strength I can possibly have for this weekend. I bought some tofu and have some ideas of what to do with it. Schedule wise I am pretty busy this week so it’s looking like Thursday and Friday will be the only days I can make a good dinner. I’ll be sure to post with whatever tofu creation I come up with.

If you have an suggestions on the tofu I would love to here it! I have a spicy apple habanero glaze I was thinking about using but I need to check the label for honey still. So as I said suggestions are encouraged and will be greatly appreciated!!

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