Half Marathon & Puerto Rico

As you can see from the title of this post it’s been a busy week! On Tuesday I booked a vacation for the end of April to San Juan with two of my girlfriends on a whim and then on Thursday I signed up for my first half marathon! I’m glad both of these things happened because I’ve kind of been in a funk for the last week due to a self diagnoses of plantar fasciitis : ( basically I wake up every morning feeling like the arch of my foot isn’t long enough for my actual foot. It’s very sad. Last week I only managed to get 26 miles in when I was shooting for 30 but I had to take off Saturday and Sunday. My run on friday was a joke that included rain, broken headphones and me whimpering in pain and walk running 3 miles in a whopping 35 minutes. In contrast yesterday (being on a slight runners high from signing up for that half) I snuck away from the office and ran 4.14 miles in 35 minutes. Needless to say I was feeling much better after the rest!

I did an awesome 4 mile + XT interval work on Monday that I posted up here – Track Interval 1

Still in the works of planning out Saturdays track work out but I may need to switch it up. Using the runnersworld.com smart coach I made a training schedule for the half and it has Sunday as my long runs. It actually wants me to run 13 miles on Sunday!! I’ve never ran more than 10 and I’ve only done that twice! I think it will be good for me to follow this though because it mixes in easier shorter runs and then only one long run a week. I’m more of an oh I want to get 30 miles in so I’ll do a few 6 – 8 mile runs. So we’ll see how this goes. The plan also has me doing speed work on thursdays which should be fun! The first one is next week! I do have soccer though so some of the days may need to get mixed up. We’ll see how it goes. I really need to purchase the Garmin I have been eyeing but my credit card is screaming at me right now. First San Juan, then paying for the half and then buying the Garmin. Frankly I think she is a wee bit tired…

For the runners out there my criteria for a watch is GPS, time, distance and current pace. Any suggestions? I was looking at the Garmin 110 but just realized it doesn’t do current pace. So then I was looking at the 405 and the 405cx but all the reviews say it has finicky controls. My bf has the Nike + sport watch and loves it but its $200 and I’d rather spend a little bit less. So please give me your suggestions!

Hope every one is having a good week and happy Friday!

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  1. Since I know every one is just dying in anticipation to know what watch I decided on I ended on the Garmin Forerunner 405 Wireless GPS-Enabled Sport Watch with USB ANT Stick and Heart Rate Monito. Found a great deal on Amazon. She will be arriving on Tuesday!!

    • Gah! Tried to reply to this yesterday at work, but it wasn’t letting me! I was going to say I have the Forerunner 110 and it DOES tell me current pace (overall pace it tells you at the end).

      I was looking at other models because I want a waterproof one – is the 405 waterproof? You’ll need to let me know what it’s like!

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