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This was a great weekend for running and being active. On Friday I went on a nice hilly run with the BF. What I got out of that run is that I need to run more hills, hands down. It was 85 degrees and sunny and I wanted to die. It didn’t help that the BF seemed unfazed by the entire situation. But alas I made it through unscathed and then we proceeded to make a delicious dinner!

Spring rolls, shish kabobs & sweet / reg fries:

We cut up half a sweet potato and one regular into wedges of equal size. I then tossed them with olive oil, salt, pepper, a little bit of cayenne and a hefty amount of paprika. Bake in the oven at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes, flipping at the half way mark.

Veggies for the spring rolls.

Rice paper soaking.

Rice noodles cooking.

Pretty pretty, clearly ran out of shrimp but this was an effort of emptying the content of my fridge. Mission accomplished.

I can’t take too much credit for the kabobs – I did help with the veggies cutting. We put in a zucchini, half a red onion, 3/4 of a red bell pepper and two chicken breasts. Every body cubed to be the same size. Keeping the chicken small – medium will ensure that your veggies don’t burn!

We marinated the goods in a balsamic dressing. I wish I could say we were just in the mood to be creative but there was a miscommunication about teriyaki so we were left to come up with some thing else. The balsamic worked great though.


I don’t use the grill much so here is my grill master multi-tasking. It was Friday and every one deserves a beer, or two, on Friday’s.

Making sure everything is cooking to perfection.

And a lovely dinner! The spring rolls got gobbled up pre cooking the meat because we were hungry from the run.  Who ever thought that it would be warm enough for dinner outside in March? Not this girl, but it happened and I was very happy about it : )

Post dinner since it was still nice out we made it to the basket ball court across the street and I made two shots from half court!! I think it was a fluke, I have no skills when it comes to basketball, about -5 really.

Saturday I saw Hunger Games and was quite happy with how it turned out. The books obviously have more depth but it was still pretty good. I will wait patiently for the next two but would appreciate if they came out sooner rather than later. I did see the preview for the final twilight movie (guilty pleasure) and am wildly excited. I had to go to the last alone because I can’t convince any friends of mine they are worth seeing and I see that same situation in my future yet again. Have you ever gone to the movies solo before? It definitely has its perks but its a bit lonely. I accidentally laughed and turned to my neighbor and was about to comment and had to contain myself and remember oh hey you don’t know anyone here. BUT I was able to get a great seat in a packed theater because I was flying solo. AKA I win.

My training schedule for the half marathon has Sunday as long run day. I borrow the BF’s Nike+ watch and was a super happy camper to just run around as apposed to mapping out my run first. A few bridges and buildings messed with it a bit but that is too be expected when running around DC. I was slated for a ten mile run so I did it. I was a pretty big baby post mile 6 though. I have never ran more than 5 miles solo I don’t think. So boredom and lack of motivation were sneaking in during the 6-8 mile points. I finished 7 minutes slower than the first 2 times I ran 10 miles. I will blame it on the fact I was alone… I have ten or eleven miles next Sunday so hopefully, armed with my new Garmin 405!!!, I will be able to get the pace down a little bit. Dream big right?

How was every one else’s training weekend? I saw a few people had races and did great so congrats!!

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  1. for sure! dream as big as you can imagine and then some! you go!

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