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I was going through my camera this weekend and realized that I made a beautiful creation last week that I forgot to share! Tragic I know. Well this is an old school recipe that I asked my mom if she remembered making for me growing up. She conveniently ‘forgot’ so I ended up making her breakfast. Sneaky lady.

3 eggs
3 slices of your favorite bread (I did multigrain)
Non stick spray
Bit of milk
Bit of egg white
Dash of cinnamon

Using something circular (I used a dipping container) make some holes in your bread.

In a small bowl mix together egg whites (or an egg), some milk and a bit of cinnamon. I apologize but I am not one to measure : ) Dunk the centers of the bread in the mix.

Spray your slices of bread with a butter flavored spray (or use regular butter) and drop in a pan over medium/high heat. Crack one egg into each piece of bread. In a separate pan (or the same if you have space!) drop in your bread centers

Carefully flip every one over after about 2 minutes. You can wait longer, I prefer my egg over easy though!

Cook your eggs how you like and take out of pan. I served the little circle ‘french toast’ with some syrup and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with my mom! PS – note how much prettier her house is from my apt as a back drop for cooking pictures. Sighhh.

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  1. wow, that looks really good. I have been on the biggest french toast craving lately.

    • Thanks! Another awesome way to do french toast is to swap out the milk for french vanilla creamer – or basically any international delight or whatever brand you fancy – you can even do fat free or sugar free but its fantastic, didn’t have any handy that time around though!

  2. Don’t you love “mother mind games?” My mom made the same thing when I was little, minus the ingenuity with the french toast. Definitely brought me back. Pretty healthy breakfast. Love it!


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