Together Again and it Feels So Good

Happy Saturday every one! I can’t even remember the last time I had a chance to do a weekend post. I hope you are all as excited as I am. Today has been AMAZING. I decided to go out on… Read More ›

New Kitchen Obsessions

I have been a cooking and cardio machine this last week or so. It feels good getting back to the two things I love most (you too Bren). I am now using the treadmill to do some incline walking, stationary… Read More ›

Egg-cellent Breakfast

Holy smokes I’m cooking again! As you saw earlier in the week I was reduced to just eating eggs for lunch, sigh. Well in hopes to finally use up the millions of eggs in my fridge and to make breakfast… Read More ›

Week 1 Post ACL Surgery

Today is a big day. It marks one week from my first major surgery and is my first day of physical therapy. I am really looking forward to PT this afternoon because I have been really frustrated with my limitations… Read More ›

Week 1 Reflection

Well it is my one week torn ACL anniversary. I swear this is easily the worst relationship I have ever been in, the ACL does nothing for me. I’m so kind to my knee, I stretch it, I ice it,… Read More ›


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