Sandy Blues

After an impromptu 4 days weekend its back to work! And back to a normal routine. I have honestly missed my lunch time gym sessions. I skipped Friday in leu of relaxing, Saturday was busy with wineries and a halloween party, Sunday was filled with cooking and football, Monday after feeling slightly stir crazy we hit the gym, Tuesday was a no go, and now here is Wednesday. Sandy made it quite cold and über wet so leaving the comforts of a warm couch was hard to do. I was really happy we went on Monday because I was getting antsy and I ran intervals for 30 minutes on the treadmill. I haven’t been on a treadmill for that long in a while, I didn’t love it but I was happy when it was over all the same. I am also super happy I didn’t work out yesterday because we had no hot water, aka a shower was not going to happen. In addition to working out today over lunch I am super excited to take a piping hot shower and ideally warm my bones up a little bit. I’ve been feeling like an ice-cube for the last few days.

Overall Sandy didn’t affect me too bad, my apt lost power for 2 1/2 days but I wasn’t home, and the boys lost it for 2 1/2 hours. The lack of hot water and heat was rough yesterday though. The apt was chilling at a cool 60 something. I hope all my fellow east coasters made it through unscathed as well!! I was introduced to the “travelling wod” – I added my own twist and this is what I came up with:

Run 1 mile
Row 1000m
50 sit ups
50 lunges
50 squats
40 sit ups
40 lunges
40 squats
30 sit ups
30 lunges
30 squats
20 sit ups
20 lunges
20 squats
10 sit ups
10 lunges
10 squats
Time allowing: Run 1 mile


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8 replies

  1. Whoa, looks tough! Glad you made it through Sandy!

  2. Wow that looks like an intense work out!

  3. Yay for an awesome back to the gym WO!! and thank goodness Sandy didn’t hit you hard!!

  4. Hey I’d like to give your wod a shot, but I was wondering if for the lunges it was total or per leg? Thanks


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