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I haven’t ran in a while and I think I psyched myself out because I had been running soooo much slower. I was kind of just giving up. Well after eating close to Paleo the last two weeks I am noticing my energy is a lit higher and I am never bloated (love, love, loveeeee) so yesterday when the boy asked me to go running with him after work I sucked it up and said yes. Now let me explain to you a little about him. He is one of those freaks of natures when it comes to athletic things. He just “picked” up jogging a little when my running was in full swing and his “starting pace” was like low 7’s. WTF right? Most people have to work stupid hard and run forever to do that, not this guy. So, being the competitive person I am it made me sad because I had been running a TON and the only time I could break an 8 min pace was when I was sprinting down a hill… and I digress…

OK back to yesterday, we set out on a 30 minute run. We ended up running 3.22 miles in…. 28ish minutes!! Averaging an 8:45 pace!! I was so so happy. My half marathon pace averaged to a 8:45 so while doing that for 3 miles when I used to be able to do it for 13.1 isn’t the most amazing thing in the world BUT it is way better than when we tried to go running together a month and a half ago and I was at a 10 min mile pace. So thank you Paleo and thank you lunch time work outs!! And thank you Bren for running at whatever pace I can muster : )

Now to todays work out – twas a doozy!! I went on to Self and used their work out finder (check it out if you haven’t) and found an over all toner work out and decided to give it a go. I threw in some rowing to get my heart up and mix it up a little. Do 12-5 reps of each exercise.

And we’re off:
Warm up: 2000m row

Single leg squats on ball right leg
Single leg squats on ball left leg
Calf raises right leg
Calf raises left leg
Reverse grip bicep curls @ 12 lbs
Incline row on ball @ 12 lbs
Triple threat @ 8 lbs
Wide arm push ups
Criss cross @ 12 lbs (new fav)
Bridge w/ leg extension
Sideways crunch right (new all time favorite!!!)
Sideways crunch left
Ball lift sit up

Cool down: 2000m row
Shower : )

I feel amazing right now! Plus I have a ton of greens left over at work from the week so I get to chow a HUGE salad and lots of left over soup. Puurrrrfect. I love eating healthy because eating a 8×8 container of mixed greens and veggies with homemade dressing is nothing but amazing for you. Now if that was filled with lets say pasta? or pizza? or taco bell? not so amazing. Also if you haven’t learned to make your own salad dressing you must get on it!! Take an empty dressing bottle, fill 1/3 with your favorite oil (I use extra virgin olive oil normally just because I always have it on hand) then fill up with your favorite kind of vinegar, next add seasoning!! I use a variety of mustards, sea salts, seasoning mixes, really anything you can think of. Its fantastic.

On the agenda for the weekend: One of my besties from HS is coming into town so we are going out in DC tonight, should be a blast! Then Saturday bike ride to 8:30am yoga and then 9:30am session with a trainer. BARF. I’ll report back tomorrow if I made it through the morning alive. Happy Friday!!!

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  1. A good man will run with you at whatever pace you can muster! I am never below a 9:30 pace and any time I run with manfriend he ALWAYS stays by my side. He is also one of those “fast freaks” that can run in the 7’s and even 6’s for the shorter distances. Sounds like you’ve got a keeper 😉

    • Yes he won me back over two-fold that’s for sure! I still give him a way out though, at the half way mark I go “I know how to get back if you want to run ahead” he has yet to leave me! There are still some good guys out there ❤ !!


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