Turkey & Spinach ‘Stir Fry’ & Trainer Tales

Have you ever come home from work to find that all of your protein sources are frozen? It’s not fun is it! I was faced with this dilemma last night and still managed to concoct quite the delicious dinner. At the grocery store this week I picked up turkey from the deli that was labeled “jerk”. It wasn’t turkey jerky it was just heavily spiced (pretty spicy actually) deli turkey. Aside from that in the fridge I had frozen chicken breasts, no bueno. Anyyywho – I got to concocting and this is what I came up with.

3 big slices of turkey, cut into squares
1/2 zucchini
Big handful of spinach
Handful of chopped broccoli
1/4 – 1/2 cup fire roasted canned tomatoes
1 clove of garlic, sliced and then halved
1/4 large yellow onion
1/2 avocado to top
Some butter
Steak sauce (huzza whatttt, I prefer A1 flavor variety)

How to get er done
In a medium sauce pan melt butter with some EVOO. Once you have that delicious fragrance of butter filling the air add in the onion, garlic, zucchini, salt and pepper. Let simmer for a few minutes and add in the canned tomato goodness. If you happen to have fresh by all means use those. I went for the canned because they have an awesome flavor and I didn’t have fresh.

Green goodies

Yes hello we heard a can open?

Tomatoes adding a bit more color

Let this mix around for a little bit until everything seems to have blended up together. I would guesstimate about 2 minutes. Go ahead and throw in your turkey.This is where things start to get a little fun. I originally had hot sauce, spicy brown mustard, and A1 on the counter. After munching on the turkey solo I realized it didn’t need any more kick because my mouth was already a little firey. So the A1 came to join the party. Add as much or as little as you want. The tomato, jerk spice, and the A1 really created a flavor explosion, if you will, in my mouth so I was really excited about the situation. Once the A1 made its way into the pot so did the spinach. I put a good amount in because while this meal is large it is not super full of calories or much of anything so I wanted to beef it up a bit more. Once the spinach had wilted I removed the mess from the stove and added some avocados on top for a nice break from the spicy.While my spirits weren’t super high when I realized all I had to work with was veggies and deli meat I was very pleasantly surprised by this mixture. It was really delicious and I devoured the entire thing. Lesson being that even if you don’t have a fancy hunk of protein sitting around there is still hope!!

In work out news – I went for another 3 mile run yesterday, that two in a row! Woo!! This one was speedy too! 8:14 pace so just under 25 minutes. Following the run was a meeting with a personal trainer at the gym. With a new membership you get a free 1 hour assessment and I hijacked my assessment into a form instruction class. The woman I had was awesome and actually is a power lifter competitively so she was loving being able to teach instead of see how many squats I could do! We started out with the basic squat and she showed me that my feet actually needed to be wider than I had been placing them and that my toes should be slightly pointed out. The reason being because woman have hips and our feet need to be wider than our hips so that when we go down out thigh bone is pushing into the socket and giving us strength on the rise as opposed to pushing out which will both hurt and hinder stability, pretty cool huh?

Next up was the front squat, I hate this one. She taught me a few different arm positions though that made me a bit more comfortable and kept the bar from choking me out. If iI squat enough maybe I’ll look like this gal:So the different ways to do your hands is like this (you need good wrist flexibility) or you can cross your arms to have the opposite hand on opposite shoulders but your arms still parallel to the ground. Also squat lower than you think, I was not going down far enough.

Next was the dead lift. I previously thought I was great at this but I am not. My center of gravity was uber shittay and doing it the proper way I realized I could lift a whole lot more than I thought! As you can see in the picture the starting position of the bar is actually over your toes! I have always had the bar be farther out which in turn made me work a lot harder and screw with my back. I am pretty excited to start doing this correctly because its a great over all toner.

My favorite new find by far is the gravity resistance band that you use for pull ups! I concurred the goal of being able to do real push ups this year and my next is to master the pull up. My gym has two different band thicknesses so I can move from the bigger helper to the not so big helper to just me hopefully by my birthday (May – start thinking about presents), I am excited, the contraption looks like this:How cool is that? The band apparently is much better than the assisted pull up machine because is gives you more help at the bottom and less at the top where apparently you are strongest. The assisted machine gives consistent help the entire time, betcha never thought about that did you?

Q: What is the most valuable thing you have ever learned from a trainer or friend? How did it help your work outs?
Q: This meal was all about what I had on hand, share a link to your favorite ad-hoc meal you have ever created and tell me why!

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  1. I hateee coming home and having to make a meal when I am tired, but that’s always how it works for me. I am usually making something with quinoa so I have to wait for that to cook. I am totally whining cause it’s only like 20 min, but when you’re hungry that feels like hours!

    Awesome run! Yahoo, see you are already getting your speed back after just a few runs!

    • I have been butchering quinoa lately! I don’t know what wrong with me. I have tried 2x in the last month and its just not happening!! And thank you!! I was all sorts of wibble wabble today though!

  2. Wowza, looks like you got quite the workout! I’ve always wanted to do a workout with a personal trainer but…that hasn’t happened yet. One day 😉 Ugh, I always freeze my protein and ALWAYS forget to take it out in time for dinner.. such a bummer! Still looks delicious though!!

    • I wasn’t actually working out, I just asked her to show me the correct form, I was pretty sore though from practicing those pull ups! And thank you!! I have perfected the “throw shi* in a pan and run with it” give it a whirl, you will be pleasantly surprised!!


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