Mirror Image Eats & Today’s Work Out

I’ve decided that I am going to be sexing up the work out section of this blog. I’m talking work outs organized by how long you have to work out, body parts, cardio vs circuit vs weight, and more. I’m really excited about it (don’t steal my idea!!). I got the idea while I was slinging heavy things post run today. Whenever I get back to the gym from a great run I have a ton of energy and feel obligated to expel it prior to hopping in the shower and going back upstairs to work – rough I know right. Today’s run was a great one. My last mile was a 7:30, HUZZAH! So with all this hoorah energy I grabbed a 35lb kettle bell and went to work.It’s fun right? And purple! So my plan is to start putting together the circuits I craft in this format and start to organize them so they can be easily found on the work outs section. If you are as excited as I am give me a hooooorahhhh. Moving on. After my work out I returned to my desk and ate the same soup as I did yesterday. Bigger bowl, same soup, different day. It was delicious!
As the title of this post indicated you will be seeing the same noms as yesterday. I bought two pork chops at the store this week and didn’t freeze either so I needed to cook them sooner rather than later. I make the same salad and pork chop as yesterday, I couldn’t help it, last nights dinner was so yummy, I wanted it again! I ended up with more spinach and the bigger half of the zucchini and mushroom from yesterday, it was great because I came home starving.

Again with the keeping true to yesterdays eats I made the paleo cookie dough again. I am having a girls night this evening so I decided to actually bake the cookies (recipe). I also added in some unsweetened coconut to spice things up a little bit, they were a hit! I didn’t tell any one they were paleo until they ate them, they were surprised and continued to gobble them up!Q: Do you ever find yourself eating the same thing two days in a row? Do you mind?
Q: Can you think of a better girls night than wine, cheese, crackers, the above cookies, and watching Elf? Trick question – the answer is no : ) Enjoy your night!

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11 replies

  1. I love the look of the new site!
    That salad would be delicious and wine, cheese, and cookies is right up my alley!

  2. To answer both of your questions, NO.
    No, I see nothing wrong with eating the same thing twice in a row. I do it on the reg.
    And no, I can’t think of anything better than cookies and Elf.
    I’m liking this post a thousand times 🙂

  3. All that food looks DELICIOUS! I often eat the same thing two days in a row because I tend to cook double portions at dinner time so I can take leftovers to work for lunch – especially in the Winter when I really want some hot food instead of a boring sandwich.

    Can’t wait to see the workout section of your blog – sounds like a great idea! 🙂

  4. I am all for anyone sexing up anything, including a workout section…great idea!

  5. Love the workout idea! That soup looks so comforting and delicious 🙂

    I eat the same thing days in a row all the time. I will cook enchiladas for 8 and eat them for dinner with my husband 3 nights in a row.. we both love it (as long as it’s a good recipe).


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