Bday Dins & Juicing Adventures

On Tuesday night the manfriend and I went out to an adorable french bistro in Georgetown called Cafe Bonaparte. I loved the food but not so much the space. Our table was itty bitty but the food definitely made up for it.bonaparteWe both started out with salads – mine was made up of baby spinach, red onions, dried cranberries, orange supremes & goat cheese topped with candied almonds in a lemon-basil olive oil. It was to die for. For my main course I went with the salmon, it was served over wilted greens and tons of white asparagus! The boy went with the pepper crusted filet mignon au poivre. The sauce was to die for but the pepper crust was a wee too much. Seeing as it was my birthday and all, and its not every day you turn 25 years young, we went all out and got dessert. The chocolate cake was great but the chocolate cigare and hazelnut ice cream stole the show. All in all it was a lovely evening out with my boy : )

When I was getting ready for our date I was staring longingly at the box that my new Breville came in. It was a small hiccup in my birthday only being able to look at it and not use it. I think I will live though. Wednesday after work I was geared up and ready to juice, but alas I was side lined yet again. An invite to my favorite salon made me decide that it was about time to cut my hair. The last time I got it cut was in March of 2012… woops. Neither of these pictures are good because I did the inward facing camera and got rained on, but you get the idea, catch ya later lovely locks. You will not be missed in the summer heat while I am on bed rest and showers few and far between for the first week.haircutNow on to some exciting juicing adventures! I want to preface this with holy amazing. That little Breville was a monster and sucked up vegetables like there was no tomorrow and produced a bunch of juice for my enjoyment!breville2

This montage of beauty is actually 2 different juicing experiments:
Juice one: 2 apples, 4 small carrots, and 4 leaves of collard greens.
Juice two: 1 apple, 4 celery stalks, 4 carrots, 2 roma tomatoes, and 1 1/2 huge cucumbers.

What I have learned so far is that cucumbers give a TON of juice and it tastes amazing. Carrots taste really sweet when you juice them and I love the color. Collard greens give some green but overall don’t seem to give a ton of juice. I also didn’t use a lot so next time I’ll bump it up / buy kale : ) I made a ton this morning for breakfast, a small glass for the roomie, and the blender bottle ended up being filled with the remaining from the measuring cup and that is going to be my dinner / pre happy hour food. I won’t be stopping home and I’d rather get a bit full and not chow down on too much food.

If you have been thinking about getting a juicer I highly recommend this baby. It cost about $100 and the clean up is about 5 minutes. I was amazed at home easy it was! The juicer now has a permanent place on the counter and I plan on using it all the time. Doing some research it looks like sweet potatoes are another great vegetables to juice and those are SUPER cheap ($0.69 lb) at my grocery store. It is going to be a fun challenge to become a regular juicer and do it within my normal grocery budget. I think I am up for the challenge though!

ACL UPDATE: I have scheduled surgery for May 21st!! I am so excited to get the ball rolling on this and be done with it. My doctor claims I should be able to drive in 3 weeks (oh happy day!!). The first 7 – 10 days will be ugly but apparently at 10 days I will be allowed to ditch my crutches and begin putting full weight on. At my discretion obviously and depending on my pain threshold. I am a woman so I would say I’m a tough cookie, I mean heck, we have babies right? A knee should be nothing.

Q: Have you ever juiced at home?
Q: Have you ever gone through knee reconstruction? What was your recovery like?
Q: Last great meal you ate at a restaurant?

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16 replies

  1. Yum! I’ve really been wanting to get a juicer. (I want one of those things that makes fro-yo out of bananas, too.) So I’m gonna see if I can convince Keith!

    The surgery is soon! The sooner the better, though, right? Because then it’ll be over with sooner and you’ll be back on your feet sooner… etc. Good luck! You’ve totally got this!

    • Do itttt. Amazon has that wish list thing, you should put it on there and send it to every one you know.

      And yes that was exactly my thoughts, I just want to get it over and done with!

  2. Very valid point… knee surger pain < a baby popping out of your lady underparts pain.

    YOu will be fine! And you are healthy and strong and eating juiced up veggies, so that has got to help. Your selfie pics are fabulous. All of mine I look like a turtle. At least you don't have a tiny, peanut head.

    The food looks amazing….. mhmmmm RAWR

  3. I love juicing, the juice gives me ton of energy. I like using cucumbers, kale, spinach, apples, ginger, and beets. The beets create layers between the green juice, kinda cool.

    No surgery here. Good luck with your operation!

    Last best meal I had was Maryland style crab cakes with asparagus. Yum, yum!

    • Beets!! What a great idea! I hadn’t thought about those yet. Do you just use the canned ones or do you use the full ones? And if you do the full ones are they raw?

      • Yeah, I use the full ones and use the raw. I also use the greens. I would recommend getting all or most of your veggies organic. I’ve never juiced canned vegetables, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

  4. Bday dins looks delicious! Sometimes its so nice getting dessert and enjoying every second of it! ahh, my friend just got the same juicer and she is in love with it also 🙂

    So happy to hear that your surgery is soon! Ugh, but yeah first 7 days post surgery SUCK. And I mean really suck. I would sugar coat it for you but there is just no way around it. After you’ve finished all your pain killers, its awful. I got migraines for the first 2 days and I had never gotten one before in my life. Little scenario that I remember like it was yesterday: because you’ll be laying down for the majority of the day, when you do get up to go to the bathroom or whatever, it will feel like something is running down the back of your calf – kinda like water but its SO PAINFUL. There is nothing running down your leg, but man ohhhh man its bad. I dont know if this happens to everyone but it happened to me and its was so not cool. Wanted to cry every.single.time. it happened. Good news – that pain went away in about 4 days 😉

    • I started reading this on my way up to my office from the gym and started laughing. I was like WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME THIS WOMAN. But then laughed because I’m going to be so miserable hahah Thanks for telling me it feels like I’m peeing fire down my leg though, I’ll be sure to think of you if it happens.

  5. Your birthday dessert treats look SO good!! AH love the haircut, I am getting mine chopped todayyyyy, it’s that time again. JUICE JUICE JUICE!! Awesome news about the surgery, bring lots of juice to your hospital room.

  6. Mmmm my tummy is growling from that dessert picture. Love the haircut, and that juicer looks awesome! 🙂

  7. The juicing experiments sound like so much fun! And great haircut! What a relief that your surgery is scheduled, I hope everything goes well. I have no doubt that you’ll rock out that recovery.


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