Together Again and it Feels So Good

Happy Saturday every one! I can’t even remember the last time I had a chance to do a weekend post. I hope you are all as excited as I am. Today has been AMAZING. I decided to go out on walk on my favorite running path: The Mt. Vernon Trail.IMG_6455The paths are always swarming with runners, walkers, and bikers. I semi wanted to carry a sign that said “I am a runner but I just had ACL surgery 5 1/2 weeks ago, don’t judge me for walking.” but instead I just hummed to the music I was listening to, soaked up some sun, and enjoyed the people watching.
IMG_6456I received two air kisses from shirtless men on bikes and one head nod and a “whatsup” from another shirtless suitor on roller blades. Brennan better watch out. I set out to cover 4 miles but once I got started I knew I would do 5 because I hate the 4 mile distance. For me at least 3 miles is an uber easy run and one of my favs, 4 miles is just a 1/2 mile shy at the turn around point of being 5 miles, which is my favorite, “longer short run”. You know what I mean right? So anyways, 5 miles later and I was the happiest chum in all the land.
IMG_6460Don’t mind my arm stubble, I haven’t shaved in a few weeks. For those of you who don’t have gorrilla arms you are lucky. It is one of the curses that comes with my luxuriously brown skin. You win some and lose some right? As you can see I was SO EXCITED about this that I just couldn’t stop taking pictures.VernonWalkAdorable right? Seeing as I am feeling all sorts of awesome / athletic I am relaxing for a little then heading to the pool to swim some laps / tan. Brenners is out playing golf all day and ALL of my gfs are out of town (how dare they do this to me in the same weekend) so I am flying solo today, I am actually really enjoying the me time. Some other fun things that happened this week was my GF and her 10 week old baby Jackson came for dinner on Thursday!

IMG_6442You can tell they are super cool young parents because they let their son rock a stache. He was SO well behaved and I was hanging on to him for a very long time. My arms felt like they were going to fall off after feeding him though so he had to go back to the carrying seat. All the cats were fascinated by the tiny little man in the recliner.IMG_6441Seeing as I had finished all my energy bites I made a new batch to share with Jen. This batch featured coconut and peanut spread.IMG_6436I also added in some pretzels and smushed it out into a pie pan and cut up into bars. They were a HUGE hit and I sent Jen home with most of them and brought so to work.IMG_6438For dinner we had fresh veggies out of Jen’s garden and lemon and rosemary chicken / quinoa and zucchini. The salad was featuring the TJ  Orange Muscat Champagne Vinegar and was amazinggg. Fresh picked cherry tomatoes are the best thing ever.IMG_6440And finally here are some random pictures I have on my iPhone that I want to share but they have no connection to one another. IMG_6445IMG_6450IMG_6453IMG_6454Have a great weekend every one, I am off to the pool! What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. What an awesome trail! I’m glad you could get out and enjoy the sunshine! I’m over to my mom’s house watching my pups and having some me time as well! Tell Sasha Hunter says hi 😉

    • Oh I will! I was actually thinking about getting in touch with you soon to let the dogs hang but Sasha is in heat right now. Once she gets spayed (in the next month or two) we will definitely have to get the dogs together!

  2. I’m so excited for you walking on the trail! I know what you mean about wanting to wear a sign. I feel the same way right now when I have to walk up and down hills. I’m not being lazy, just injured!

    • Right? Even though I doubt any one thinks twice about walkers. I went out right in the middle of the day and saw mostly bikers, the runners are smart and go in the early hours before the heat and humidity sinks in!

  3. You had my wife and I at the baby picture. We are grandparents and babies are great. My wife loves them every which way but loose. I love them but not to diaper them, have them cry all night long and when they are upset. But at our age we can go home. Your kid is cute as a button. The picture with the cat is right on.
    Sincerely Barry

    • Jackson is adorable!! I absolutely adore babies but am not ready at all for one. I worked at a day care for years and while I enjoyed every moment I enjoyed that at 6pm all the babes went home with their parents : ) I am sure being a grandparent in awesome, lots of time to spoil and none of the screaming in the wee hours!

  4. While I did not have surgery, I have been sidelined because of injury and I’m just starting my return to running. So I feel ya. Every time I go out to do my run/walk combo I want to shout out to everyone and say the same thing: don’t judge my slow walking!

    Good luck in your recovery!

    • Thanks Sophie, I actually wonder how much people notice each other. Now that I am injured I look at walkers and think hmm why are you walking? Did you have surgery too? Or maybe a strained muscle? Or maybe you just like walking? Prior to being injured though I don’t even think I noticed the walkers… it may all be in our heads : ) Good luck in your recovery as well!

  5. I LOVE you outfit!!! And that baby is freaking awesome with his stache! Gorgeous paths, and you’re making great progress 🙂

    • Thanks lady! I am pretty much obsessed with the yellow right now, I wanted to show them off to Brennan but Sasha and Jenny (his roomies dog) are both still into jumping on people so I won’t wear them to his house haha, can you say protective?

  6. That 5 mile walk is LEGIT!! I would have taken one billion pictures too bahaha. I DIEEED at that picture of the cats swarming around the baby. BAHAH! Also..pretzels in the energy bites…GENIUS! It’s like a compost cookie, but energy bite form! YUM!

    • Jax was watching to but from a distance, she is a total wuss. I’ll make sure to stock my pantry with whatevs so you can make me compost cookies. You know… in NINE MONTHS.


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