Juicing and Grocery Shopping

I have A MILLION pictures from Seattle and will definitely talk about that later this week. I still need to upload and organize all those bad boys. So until then…

I love seeing what peoples grocery carts look like so I decided to do a little run down on mine. I also pride myself in being pretty responsible with my cash money and this loot only cost $35.70. As a full disclaimer I have a sweet potato, butternut squash, 1 sausage, and 1 steak already at my house. Also as you can see I broke into the chips and guacamole before the groceries even got put away : ) produce GroceryThis was a little different than my normal trips because I am getting a juicer!!!! I would like to introduce you to my brand new Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain. Swoon.brevilleHello beautiful. In preparation for this beauties arrival (which should be today, best birthday present ever, thanks Mom!!) I bought 2lbs of carrots, 2lbs of apples, 3 giant cucumbers, 1 lb of celery, and a big bunch of collard greens (I wanted kale but they were out). I suppose I could also use those tomatoes… Oh the possibilities are endless.

While I was in Seattle, Sarah and I went to my very first juice bar and I just fell in love.juice barI landed on “The Ultimate” and Sarah got “The Ginger Zap” – I tried both and have ZERO complaints. I also have some fresh basil at home from when Brennan came over! I bet that could add some fun flavor! A little Italian juice : )juicesI’m seriously salivating at the idea of being able to make myself pressed juice every morning for breakfast. It is a good thing my roomie wakes up around the same time I do because I am going to guess this 700 watt puppy will not be quite : )

I did a little cooking yesterday after stocking up on all those amazing vegetables. For starters I cooked up a cup of red quinoa in chicken stock. The main dish was 1 container of tofu, 1/2 large red onion, 1 package mushrooms, and 4 leafs of collard greens. I am going to say this will last about 4 meals. The quinoa probably longer.quinoatofuI cooked everything with some spicy mustard and white cooking wine. I let the wine reduce by half and voila! I was a slow poke with cutting vegetables and just taking my sweet time in general so this meal actually took about 45 minutes to make. If you weren’t busy snapping pictures and posing your groceries before putting them away I would say this would take about 20 (quinoa is typically just a bring to boil and simmer for 15 kind of seed).tofudinnerFinally I would like to announce that yours truly is now officially half way between 20 and 30. Kinda scary. I am no longer a “young twenties” I am a mid twenties. How in the world is 30 as close at 20 right now?!? What a year. I love presents so if you feel like sending me some baked goods, chocolate, butterflies, whatever let me know and I’ll send you my address : )

Q: Do you have a juicer? Any good recipes to share?
Q: What was your last big birthday?
Q: How much do you spend a week on groceries?

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  1. I don’t know what Harris Teeter is but it sounds like a rap name. Looks like you are quite the little shopper! I have no good juice recipes…. the only thing that I make remotely similar is blending ice cubes, greek yogurt, and like an apple together and hoping it does not come out mushy or soggy. I am learning.


    Embrace the mid-20s. I am 26 and will be 27 in oct…. and am not sure if that means I’ll be in my late twenties or mids. We are all getting old sheesh.

    I think for my 30th bday we should all meet in the middle of the country and run a race. And make smoothies. And be happy.


  2. Happy birthday!! I’m 26 and that was a little harder than 25. 30 is SO close now! Yikes! I spend between $100-200 a week on groceries between my boyfriend and I. It’s a lot but the gluten-free items are more expensive, and we’re not very good at shopping around. I like to go to one grocery store and be done with it!

    • I have always been a one grocery store lady. I just started shopping at trader joes though for a chunk of my produce. I know my harris teeter inside and out so if I see something at TJ and know it is cheaper / better at HT I will go there. Kale / sweet potatoes / meat are definites for HT!

      ALSO my boyfriend spends a bit more than I do grocery shopping because he buys a lot more meat. I am sure when we start to share a bill / household we will be in that $100 range.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot wait for the Seattle recap!! oh man I wish I could have been there!! ughhhhh sooooo jealous of your JUICER!! I want one so badly, mmmm delicious. Brittany and I will definitely have to travel to come see you – no way around it, its happening!!

    • Thank you love!!! The Seattle recap will be epic and so full of pictures. Once I figure out what the dealio is with my knee / surgery date tomorrow we will have to some big preplanning adventure and making this happen!

  4. Dudeee I was a manager at Emerald Ciry Smoothie by my house and we never had juice, just smoothies! This juice sounds awesome! Can’t wait to see your juicing creations! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY!

  5. Happy birthdayyyy!!! Can’t wait to hear all about seattle! I love how cheap TJ’s is. Seriously, it’s the best!

  6. Happy birthday! You know I am a total cheapskate with groceries and admire your skills so much. I’ve been spending between 70-85 for groceries for two every week. My last big birthday was 21 😉

    • $70 – $85 is awesome for two!! I think Brennan is normally around $60 just on his own, so we will definitely be at about the $100 range.You should read the book “the cheapskate nextdoor” its awesome and has some awesome frugal ways in it : )

  7. happy birthday! i love seeing other people’s shopping carts posts too!

  8. Happy birthday!! Can’t wait to hear about the juicer 🙂

  9. Happy birthday! Love how you nonchalantly snuck that in at the end there haha 🙂 Juicing sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun! That baby is not kidding around either, can’t wait to see what it can do!

  10. I have a hand me down juicer and can’t wait to bust it out this summer. I will share anything that i learn but I read about a great one with spinach, apple, ginger, and lemon juice. You should have seen my cart at the grocery store tonight. I took the BOY who needed some post finals celebrations. I bought ingredients or ramen slaw…he bought chocolate, doritos, beer, and gummy worms! No Joke!


  1. Bday Dins & Juicing Adventures « Food & Fitness

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