Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop?

northfaceWell the North Face Endurance crew was not able to accommodate my pleas of transferring registration to next year… I posted my registration up on Craigslist and got not hits so I did what any normal person would do. I picked the latest event in the year and transferred my registration. According to the doc I will be able to START running around 4 months after surgery… Surgery = May 21st, Running = Sept 21st, Race = Dec 8th, THEREFORE 78 days aka 2 1/2 months to train. Assuming I keep up my cardio fitness I don’t see this as being a problem. I don’t plan on moving quickly but I will be able to move. I discovered this crazy new machine at my gym, The Octane XR6000, so between that, a stationary bike, the rowing machine, AND the lovely seated hand cycle machine, I think staying active should be doable. Probably not easy but having an end goal will make me work a little harder and get a little more creative on how to get my fitness in.

My cousin lives about an hour south of the race and my plan is to convince him to run with me, show me around, and give me a couch / bed to sleep on : ) Seeing as the west coast is three hours behind he is probably not awake / aware of these plans yet but he will get to see them soon!! I also plan on working on seeing if perhaps the boy could be convinced to come / if I have any friends (cough cough, you guys, cough) who live in California and would be interested in running this race with me! For a name brand race this one isn’t too bad, about $90 after taxes and everything. All that is left is booking flights!

Q: For those of you who have junked up your knee, is 2 1/2 months enough time to run 13.1 trail miles?
Q: Do you live near San Francisco? Do you want to run this race with me?
Q: What is the farthest you have traveled for a race?

– my farthest is Annapolis… only about 40 minutes, go big or go home right…

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  1. GAH. You are sort of tempting me, since I don’t want to eat the cost of my 50k registration. But I have no idea if I can afford a trip to CA. HELP!

  2. I think you will be JUST fine with 2.5 months. The trail runs are harder, and it may be a slug at some points but you do great with your training and you mind will be so ready to run! Farthest I’ve traveled was to Dland for my first half whoop whoop! California is a good place to run!

  3. I think you will have no problem…if your endurance and strength is there, you can definitely finish. May not be the best, but will definitely be complete!

    • That’s what I’m not looking forward too. I was told that I basically lose all muscle in my leg so that is going to be a BITCH to build up. My legs are beastly! I’ll be so lopsided!

  4. A race like that will be a victory no matter what. If you have to walk, you will walk, but you will be happy to participate which is a different kind of runner’s high!

  5. I screwed up my foot (plantar fasciitis) the summer before a December half marathon. By October the foot was better but I jumped WAY too quickly back into lots of running and screwed up my knee. So I only ran intermittently (1-2x week, max 4 miles) and ellipticized and swam a lot. For the Half, I gave myself permission to walk ANY time I felt pain. I ended up almost breaking my initial HM goal time. So it’s doable provided you have a good cardio base and don’t set crazy expectations.

  6. This is gonna be your comeback race! It’s gonna feel sooooo good!

  7. Ooooooh, you really have me tempted…..If only I had any idea what is going on in my life this fall! This looks like a lot of fun & I have yet to do a trail race longer than 10K.

    Ugh… I would either be your cheerleader or race with you….. but maybe be your cheerleader b/c I am scared of trail races and mud and twigs and trees and getting injured. Waaaah.

    Do you have special shoes for trail races?

    • Dude I live on the opposite coast. You should obviously just meet me out there… Oh and drag me on a sled with your speedy legs. You AND Mr.Speedy could pull the sled and it would go by even faster. Or you can sit with me and he can just pull us. Yes actually, that is the best option. I’ll see you in San Fran.

  9. i definitely think you should be fine with two and a half months. i’ve heard good things about pool running for keeping up running fitness with an injury – it simulates running and is a great workout without impact to the joints.

    • Thanks Dawn. I asked my doctor about that and he actually supports biking more. I am not sure why but it probably has to do with the fact my knee hyper-extends normally so having a limited range of motion (because of a bike) is apparently going to be better at the beginning. I plan on doing everything I can!

  10. You are ambitious! Good for you! Just take it easy 🙂

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