So Many Friends

This weekend was awesome. On Friday night Brennan and I took a much needed date night. I swear having a puppy is like having a baby! Saturday is when the whirlwind started. Sasha woke us up nice and early and we decided to treat her to a trip to the dog park. She had a blast! I was the creepy chick sitting on a bench with out a dog. Sasha runs up and down the park and Brennan was on duty following her around. I made a point of letting people know that I did indeed have a dog and that I wasn’t just hanging at the dog park to pet other peoples dogs.

After the dog park I headed home to clean up and start prepping for female Brennan’s arrival (Yum Run)!! I found a super simple carb heavy meal so Brennan would be good to go for the Nike Half Marathon on Sunday. I’m not a huge pasta fan so I attacked a giant zucchini with my peeler and made zucchini ribbons to eat all the yummy sauce with. For the salad it was just kale, dried pomegranates,  chia seeds, and walnuts. The dressing was adorably served in a mason jar and was 2 parts EVOO, 1 part balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper. So yummy!dinner1Brennan was a sweet heart and brought me a get well soon balloon. Keith was also a rockstar snapping pictures for us and was a doll and blocked out my swollen and giant knee, strategically placed chair don’t you think!
dinner2Finally the pictures you guys have been waiting for, B squared. THE BRENNANS!!! Gosh I have loved my Brennan for many a years but I think there is still room in my heart for another one. SO MUCH BRENNAN.dinner3I had a bunch of left over kale and proscuitto so I made a kick ass salad on Sunday with it all. Plus a ton of sautéed mushrooms.lunchSunday continued with lots of friends and way to much champagne. My tolerance is poo and the night ended in tears about not being able to run. What a mess.
sundayOn the leg front things are what they are. I did way too much research on the recovery process for this whole thing and got slightly overwhelmed. Naturally I called my mom and asked if she wanted to come for the weekend before surgery to take care of me (I think my surgery will be a Monday) and she said yes, so happy to have a mom through surgery. I can’t imagine I’ll be much fun. I started doing the stretches that the doctor sent me home with and my knee definitely feels a lot better after doing them. My mobility is coming back slowly but surely. I also called the doctor to see if there was any reason I couldn’t go to Seattle on Friday and I got a resounding no! So I am super excited that my vacation is still on track. I am doing better walking with out the crutches and as long as I don’t take long strides my knee is happy. Progress! Oh and just to round out this jumbled paragraph I worked out on Sunday! It wasn’t a ton but it was perfect for what my body can handle right now:

8 minute abs
10 single leg push ups
10 front raises 8lbs
10 side rises 8lbs
50 alternating curls (had to do something to make my arms tired! i normally curl 20+)
30 alternating triceps extensions 8lbs
15 bent over row to dead lift 8lbs
8 minute abs

Q: Did you race this weekend? How was it?
Q: When is the last time you hosted dinner? Do you have a go to meal?
Q: Is any one else travelling next weekend too!?

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  1. This looks like a great weekend despite that minor (0k, major) setback. You guys look like you had a blast at dinner. I hear you on the crying about not racing thing. I’ve been there so many times. You’re going to be so strong by the time this is all over that running will be no big deal to jump back into!

    • I am actually kind of excited about getting a fresh start. My legs had been feeling like lead lately so while surgery and many months of rehab wasn’t what I was hoping for I think it will be nice to start with the goal of just running.

  2. I am so glad you can still go on your vacation! That will at least make the situation a little happier 🙂 And by strengthening the knee, you’ll only make the recovery so much better!

  3. Im behind on your blog but first- I love you. Second, thank gee your knee can be fixed and it is not permanent. Third, you have an amazing bf, friends, and hairy animal friend. Fourth, I have no doubt that you will bounce back from this knee injury, recover, and be stronger than ever.

    Fifth, your abs are going to be rippppped. Get shredded! ha. I fall asleep when i try to do crunches or curl into fetal and snuggle in my sweaty clothes. Weird.

    AND YAY FOR VACATION! You deserve it…. sounds like you are making the best of things and staying positive. And I cry all the time, so just let it out when you need tooooo!

    IM traveling next weekend— GOIN TO THE KENTUCKY DERBBBBY. I still need to buy a very large hat so I can pretend I am a rich goddess who knows all abour horses and racing n betting.

    • You will have no problem fooling people into thinking you are royalty with that ROCK on your hand. I’m just saying…

      Thanks for the props : ) I’m all warm and fuzzy now.

  4. I swear, having a puppy is EXACTLY like having a baby! Andy and I didn’t do anything by ourselves for a loooooong time when Lily was younger!

  5. stay positive! being injured SUCKS but it happens to us all. i hate being injured… and turn into a real debbie downer when i am. but trying to focus on the positive will help lift your spirits… just think of how strong your abs and arms are going to be! 🙂

  6. I just can’t get enough of that Brennan squared picture. I am in love. I want to frame it..but that would be sooo creepy. So I will not do that..but YOU should frame it. BAHAHA. YAY for friends and booze and nights with tears. I cried this week too..kind of a lot. I just admitted that so I hope it makes you feel better about crying hahaha. I cry a lot sometimes. Contradicting sentence but you get it. I’m rambling. I should go do something. SEE YOU SUNDAY YAHOO!

  7. Aw so sorry about your drunken tears 😦 We’ve all been there haha. I really hope your surgery goes well and you’re able to recover quickly! I think it’s definitely a good sign that your mobility is already improving with those stretches

    • Haha it is okay, I’ll make it! And thank you! I am anxious to find out when surgery is. My knee will keep getting better until the surgery and then after things will get ugly, wahhh.


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