Post ACL Workouts and Eats

Only six more days until surgery!!! It has been 20 days since that fateful soccer game that has sidelined me from running for most of the year. While I could be getting mopey I have been staying positive and trying to enjoy the little running break. I have also been renewing my love for all of the other things you can do in a gym. Oh I have also been eating. I would say a bit less than before but it makes sense considering the thousands of calories I am not burning on a weekly basis any more. So I know you are all dying to know “what can a chick with a torn ACL do at the gym and what in the world has she been eating?!”.

1) For starters I have been wearing my new ProCompression socks to work. I was sent a pair of these bad boys to review and so far I am loving them. I will be hosting a giveaway shortly so keep your eyes peeled. From what I have experienced so far these babies are amazing and if I didn’t have a conscience I would totally rig the giveaway so I could get another pair. But instead I will just buy them like a normal person : )photo 3(14)2) I went to Brennan’s new apartment gym over the weekend and it is so nice! The gym is always empty and we had this room all to ourselves. That little electronic thing on the wall controls the lights, music, and fans. So cool. You can plug in your iPod or it will play the radio or Pandora for you! Don’t mind my outfit, this was an impromptu gym session Sunday night around 8pm. I had no clothing at his place so I am wearing men’s sneakers, men’s shorts, a tank top, NO sports bra, and a hoodie. I was dressed to impress my friends. Good thing he loves me just the way I am.brengym2) I went to Wegmans over the weekend (holy grail of all grocery stores) and picked up an eight pack of pork chops ($7 people AND local, love you Weggies). This was my first attempt of cooking pork in a while and I overcooked it so it was dry. It was okay though because the roasted squash bites were to fricken die for. 30 minutes in a 400 degree oven and boom the best side dish ever. This batch of squash bits was seasoned with lavender, pink salt, pepper, curry, and garlic. Nom nom nom nommmm.pork13) My second attempt at the pork was fan-fricken-tastic. I did the same thing for the squash as the night before but just seasoned with some seasoned salt. I seasoned the pork with garam masala and pink salt. The squash went in the oven and then at the 20 minute mark I put the pork chop it. It was perfectly cooked through and juicy. The next time I make this I may try for 19 or 18 minutes. Just to see how it goes. I was really happy with this though.pork24) I also made soup last night. I had a bunch of vegetables that I bought for the juicer and decided to make soup instead of juice. After a few juice sessions I realized I really don’t like collard greens in my juice. No thank you ma’am. So I made soup because I can’t just throw food out! The pot was filled with 1/2 of a giant red onion, about 4 celery stalks, 3 small carrots, 1/2 package frozen lima beans (the other half was used for lady Brennan’s dinner), and about 10 collard green leaves. I seasoned the pot with salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, rosemary, and a bay leaf. Nothing too fancy. The highlight of this was the fact I finally got to use some of my homemade vegetable stock!! soup5) 2nd to last, but not least, I have been working out. Brennan and I tried to do the Men’s Health Spartacus work out on Sunday but my knee was all sorts of jacked up from dancing at my birthday party over the weekend, woops. I was still really sore on Monday (muscles not knee) so I knew that there was something about the work out that was good. I took Monday off from the gym because I was on a 4 day streak and knew it was the last time I’d take off before surgery. So when Tuesday rolled around I made a modified version that was friendly to my knee and went to work. This was easily the hardest work out I have done in ages. It took 41 minutes and I was shakey for about an hour after. My muscles were pooped. Use weight for the goblet squats (I did 15lbs), dumbbell swings (I did 20lbs), T-pushups if you can, the dumbbell row (I did 20lbs), dead lift (20lbs again), the push up position row (I did 10lbs), and finally the push press (I did 10lbs).

I can promise you will hate this work out while you are doing it but feel like a total badass when you are done. When I woke up this morning my body was not shy of letting me know that I pushed it quite hard yesterday. Just about every muscle is sore. I decided to use the same idea of the 1 minute rounds and whip up a more core and arm focused work out. This was still a great work out but I definitely wasn’t grunting and swearing at the end like yesterday : ) Adorable, I know.Sparta6) The last little update for your viewing pleasure is SASHA! I have not been taking nearly enough pictures of her. Brennan decided to try to pick her up over the weekend and I caught it on camera. So I did what any normal blogger would do and made a collage so you could see how big she has gotten! Back in January I asked every one to give me their guess on how much Sasha will weigh and it looks like she is already creeping up on some of those guesses! She will turn 8 months old next week, crazy how the time flies! We think she weighs about 70lbs but it has been a little while since she has gotten weighed. At the dog park she is so much taller than pretty much all the dogs, I think we actually got a horse, not a German Shepherd. There was one dog who made Sasha look small at the dog park, it was a 180 POUND Newfoundland. I thought I was slumming it with a black

Q: Have you ever gone horseback riding?
Q: Have you ever seen a bear in real life?
Q: Do you follow recipes when you make soup or wing it?

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  1. I’m just going to say how excited I am for your giveaway slash crossing my fingers and toes that I win hahaha I’m obsessed with compression socks. I love the wegman’s hot bar area! Seriously, I’ve only been once but I felt like I was in pure heaven.

    • You need to check out the subs there. Their subs are literally like little angels from heaven. The bread is OMG so good. The full is 14″ and GIANT but they also offer 7″ AND are doing 3 1/2″, which is basically the perfect size, just like making a sammy at home!

  2. I neeeeed socks! I’ve been wanting to try compression socks fo Eva! Ahhh surgery is so close, so exciting! Glad you’re making mad meals in the kitchen and kicking ass in the gym acting like a cast member from 300. Bahaha. I have gone horseback riding, but horses scare me! I use recipes for guides, but never completely follow them!

  3. Ok first of all I am incredibly jealous of that amazing apartment gym! I would be going to his place allll the time to use that thing haha. And looks like you’ve been doing some awesome cooking! Wegman’s is seriously my homeland or something I love that place and miss it SO much!

    • Ahh homeland. Before moving to DC I always had one within 5 minutes of me. With DC traffic is is such a pain to get to this one. Totally worth it sometimes though!

  4. So jealous of that apartment gym — mine has 2 treadmills, an elliptical, a bike, and 4 multi-exercise strength machines crammed into probably a 10 x 10 room. Not cool. Can’t wait for the sock giveaway 🙂

    • I have posted pictures of my apt gym, there is a hallway with 4 treadmills in it. Seriously guys a hallway? I felt quite spoiled to only have to walk 5 feet to get to this baby!

  5. I loooove your socks! Yes do a giveaway bc I don’t have any of these and I feel like everyone wears them now!!! I need to join the compression sock gang.

    And your workout sounds tough…. I don’t know if Id be able to finish that!

    A 180 lb DOG!?!? Oh my, that is HUGE. I can only imagine what the owner must go through to clean up the doggie do-do from a beast of that size…. ew……

    Your lover’s gym looks amazing. I want one in my house.

    • It was hard but hello endorphin high! The dog was seriously huge. Like I was just staring, I wasn’t even sneaky and then did the “how heavy is she?!?!” thing haha. A lady never tells… unless she is a lady dog : )

  6. I love my PROCompression socks, they are amazing! I think I own six pairs now!


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