Monday Blues & News

In Monday News – Getting back to work after a week off is tough. I am pretty positive my face is showing about 0% life in it right now. I got back to DC last night after a great few days with my family, I am glad to be home though. It’s funny how quickly I am turning into an old woman who really appreciates her space. I had so much fun hanging out with my mom and dad but I missed having my things around and a schedule. My days were all over the place depending on what every one else was doing. I managed to run Thursday and Saturday while I was visiting, which means I ended up with 2 rest days instead of my usual one, Friday and Sunday I was travelling all day and chose to sleep instead of run around in sub 30 degree weather. I’m counting down the hours until I can get outside for lunch today to go running. My afternoon is jam-packed with meetings (ugh work…) so I will be going out a bit earlier today. Only 1ish more hours!! Ideally this run will give me a little energy so the rest of the day sails by and I can get a lot done tonight at home. It amazes me how a shift in my work outs can cause my energy levels to drop or soar!

In Festive News – It’s Cyber Monday!! I have mentioned before how much I love Old Navy work out gear – Well their whole site is 30% off today! If you are like me and love their work out gear you should probably head over to their .com site! I don’t enjoy shopping very much but there are a  few Christmas items I am on the look-out for and today is the perfect day to start the hunt.

In Food News – I have my kitchen back!! I went grocery shopping last night after getting home and have a full fridge! I decided on sausage for the week so I will have some fun concocting to do in the kitchen soon! One of my most favorite things about grocery shopping and cooking my meals is that A) It’s far healthier than the alternative and B) I save a boat load of money. I normally try to “beat” myself every time I grocery shop to see if I can be lower than last week. Silly right? Yes, but it keeps the shopping in check. I have stopped going out as much as I used to though so I have decided to lift the $40 goal for grocery shopping. WOAH watch out. I’m a big girl, I make a decent living, which means I should buy fish instead of chicken sometimes if I want to right? Well I went “all out” yesterday and spent $50!! Crazy!! Granted that included wine and paper towels but I’m working on it : )

In Travel News – I’m going to NYC Friday!! One of my besties went back to school and I am going to visit! I have been to NYC once and it was raining and gross the whole time and I didn’t get to see much of anything. I plan on being an extreme tourist and seeing as much as I possibly can. I will be a mile and a half from Central Park so I am going to sneak a run in one morning. I figure I’ll run to the park, run down part of one side of it and head back. Audrey (bff) is a sleeper so chances are she won’t notice. Plus I booked a hotel around the corner from her school so we will have super comfy beds and I bet she would sleep until noon if I didn’t wake her up. Which I will never allow : ) Oh and a bonus to a hotel… continental breakfast! NYC is pricey so why not get a free meal?!

In Work Out News – I am planning on doing a 4 mile run today and if time allows I will make a new 10 minute quickie circuit to add to the mini circuit page!

Q: How do you break the Monday blues?
Q: For a newbie to NYC tell me something I just HAVE to see!

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10 replies

  1. I know what you mean! I loved being home for the holidays but I was kind of ready to get back into my routine, haha

  2. I’m totally all over the old navy cyber monday deals! In Love. Bought two peoples gifts for $40 which I think was a steal!

  3. I did the same thing .. came back and immediately filled up the fridge! Can’t wait to hear how you love NYC! I love it there 🙂

  4. You’re going to have the BEST time in NY! I want to get there so badly. Hopefully before Christmas, but we’ll see! I’m doing my big shopping trip today. I need to stock up for the week on all of my fruits and veggies 🙂

  5. So much news! I am WHOA jealous you are going to NYC!! I can’t wait to read your recap!


  1. Sweet Tots and Snausage « Food & Fitness

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