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Disney Shake Up

My words have been few and far between and when I saw this survey I knew that all you Disney lovers would probably really enjoy this. Prior to taking it I want to preface saying Pocahontas is my FAVE because… Read More ›

My Seattle Adventures

My trip to Seattle was amazing. Sarah is my best girl friend from college, we were the only girls in all of our Computer Science classes so we became best friends really quick – I can’t believe we graduated 3… Read More ›

Jalapeño 1 – Megan 0

Have you ever had a jalepeño popper? Well they are basically hollowed out peppers stuffed with cream cheese, then finally topped with shredded cheese and panko. Sounds good so far right? I should have known better but I helped out… Read More ›


I SIGNED UP FOR A MARATHON!!! MCM Surpasses Registration Record The MCM has sold out all available public entries in a record 2 hours, 27 minutes today surpassing last year’s record sellout by 14 minutes. But as thousands of runners… Read More ›

Homeward Bound!!

In T minus 2 hours I will be chillen in the car headed to good old Conesus Lake!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! It makes me super sad I haven’t seen my parental units in 3 months, that is like 1/4… Read More ›

Á la Corrine

If you have ever visited my blogroll then you have seen the link to Corinne’s website on the list. I found Corinne’s website at some point last summer and have been a daily reader ever since. Sometimes I feel in… Read More ›


Running and Laughing through the Golden State

Peas and Cougars

If real life were a cartoon, I would be a triangle, which is probably better than being a square.

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Change of Pace

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