An Object In Motion, Stays In Motion

What a whirl wind of a weekend! Right after work on Friday the boy and I started packing up his apartment and loading up the truck. Did you notice I said packing and loading in the same sentence? That’s right, he decided that packing ahead of time / packing at all was unnecessary : ) While I adore him to pieces I was not pleased. I didn’t bother getting cranky and just went with the flow and we made it through the move alive and with out a single argument, this is huge! Moving is stressful and crappy so making it through all happy hunky dory made me beyond excited. Saturday was the same as Friday with packing and moving with only a slight break to take Sasha to training. She was an ALL STAR this weekend, she was the most well behaved dog there, so proud!

Sunday is when the weekend got fun! I went for a trail run with two girl from the DC Metro Area Health and Fitness Bloggers group. If you haven’t used I highly recommend it! There are groups for everything, I personally have only used it for running dates but there are about a million and one options out there. Pam, Caroline, and I set out to do an 11 mile trail run at Fountainhead Regional. If you remember the last time I went I tried to do 10 miles and ended up with only 6 because my arches were on fire. Well I am happy to report that aside from having to stop at mile 3 to pee in the woods it was a very successful run!

The three of us started out together, Pam and I split off from Caroline about a 1/2 mile in and then around mile 2 I split off from Pam. Pam caught up with me at mile 3 1/2 when I stopped to make a pit stop and “relieve myself”, we hung together for a few minutes but then I went ahead and finished the 11 miles solo. This was by far the longest run I have ever done with out music. I was surprised at how much it didn’t bother me at all. The views were amazing and the lake at the center of the park was so pretty! The path was brutal but I had a lot of fun. Caroline tackled 5 miles of the trail, Pam 8, and I did 11. It took me about 2:15 for the entire thing. Its a sad sounding pace for me (12:21) BUT the trail was no joke and I definitely walked many hills! I can’t wait to get back and work towards running 13 with out needing walk breaks!

Once I got home I immediately started cleaning and moving! My roommate just moved out and I moved into her old bedroom and figured it was a great opportunity to clean the apartment and do a little spring cleaning. I am in love with my new set up so I figured I wouldshare it with you:roomI moved everything all by myself! That TV EASILY weighs a million lbs and that couch was no picnic either. I also finally outsmarted my medal hanger and got it up on the wall! I am obsessed!! Did you know that you can download an app on your iPhone to make your iPhone act like a level? It made hanging all my wall art and this medal hanger a breeze. I thought having it next to Marilyn on the weight bench was perfect : )photo 1(1)Realizing that my fridge was empty and that I hadn’t eaten since breakfast I got one of my besties to go to Trader Joe’s with me to stock up on groceries. I had yet to shower at this point (come on I was moving stuff all day) so I had to warn her.claire

If that’s not true friendship then I don’t know what is. Trader Joe’s was magical per usual. $34 and I am stocked for the week. Perfecto! Once I was home I did a little more organizing and decided that cereal seemed like a good game plan for dinner.cerealAdd some almond milk, a banana, and flax meal to cereal and voila, a fancy dinner! My house is still in semi shambles right now and my clothing isn’t in my bedroom yet but slowly things are coming together. I can’t wait for Terri to move in because the dining room and living room are looking a little empty. So are the closest for that matter. I have a good amount of stuff but I obviously saved half of the storage space for her so everything just looks half empty, plus Jax is super lonely and TerriΒ  brings felines with her!

Say whatttt

Q: Have you ever found something by the trash and thought it was a treasure?

– The Marilyn poster hanging in my room was by the trash and I pounced on it!

Q: Do you have a medal / bib hanger? What does it look like?
Q: Do you prefer trail running or road running?
Q: Love Trader Joe’s or hate it?

– I used to not understand what the hype was but my grocery bills are way smaller now and everything is organic! I still buy meat at a different store.

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  1. I just joined the group for RI so that I can find some new running friends. It’s such a great idea and a different way to meet people with similar interests! And my roommate knows I’m probably not going to shower before we hang out, so she just accepts it. True friendship right there.

  2. I love your medal hanger! It looks so, so good!
    Congrats on the moving part! πŸ˜€


  3. After working at TJ’s for over a year, I will say buying your meat elsewhere is a good idea haha. I’m not a TJ’s meat fan..Well I’m not a meat fan at ALL, but you catch my drift!! I LOVE the place though!! Awesome job on the run, trail runs KICK my ass!! I did a 5mile TR ONCE and oh man those hills were bigger than hills….

    I love that race bib and medal holder!

    • Yea I prefer my local grocer because their selection is constantly refreshed and I can get chicken so cheap there! Trails are definitely rough, I’m happy not having a time goal for this race and just hoping to finish it with out stopping. Only 7 weeks to get there!

  4. uhhh LOVE the medal/race bib holder – I want one! Mind you, it would still be quite empty but thats okay. Way to go on the run – 11 miles without music (and a chatting buddy), wowza!!! Amazinggg. I probably would have died, I am such a lightweight.. πŸ˜€ I haven’t had breaky yet so your cereal dinner is looking pretty darn fantastic at the moment, delish!!

    • My old roomie gifted it to me one year, I found it on Etsy! There are tons out there! I only chatted for about 2 miles and to be honest I wasn’t really hauling butt at any time, it is tough to be speedy when you are afraid of falling over! I only fell once so that was a small victory haha

  5. Nice trail run! And love the medal holder πŸ™‚

  6. All I have to say is- I am so angry that we STILL do not have a trader joe’s anywhere near us here in Tampa land.

    I lied I do want to say that I’d be interested in getting into trail running but I honestly don’t even know where to find a trail? lol… where I live now I’ve searched and searched but nothing. The house we’re moving to is definitely by a LOT more nature/parks so I’m hoping for a good few trails to try out!

  7. An 11 mile trail run. phew! I’m exhausted just thinking about it! And cleaning and moving on top of that? We were actually thinking alike this weekend! haha

  8. Thanks for the app idea! Beeteedubs…cereal for dinner is always a good idea!

  9. I want a medal hanger for my new place, but I love yours. ANd I love TJ’s, and I miss not having one right by my house right now!

    • I really didn’t get the hype at first but when I realized I could get organic vegetables cheaper than at my normal grocery store AND always sample wine and buy a ton of wine for under $4 I was sold.


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