My Seattle Adventures

My trip to Seattle was amazing. Sarah is my best girl friend from college, we were the only girls in all of our Computer Science classes so we became best friends really quick – I can’t believe we graduated 3 years ago already! I went business when I broke into the real world and she started up a mobile app company. How cool is that? Well now she is in Seattle working at a mobile gaming start up and is absolutely loving it. I couldn’t have been happier to go and visit her!graduationOne of the things Sarah and I used to do all the time in college was go to all you can eat sushi on Wednesdays, at least once a month. So the first thing we did after I arrived was go for a walk and land at a sushi restaurant. Back in college we would put away 10 rolls together (disgusting isn’t it?!), we were good though and shared 3 rolls, and I had some seaweed salad.SushiNext up was a hunt for a little bit of chocolate : ) We landed at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. The spread of treats they had was pretty incredible. Sarah and I landed on a dark chocolate covered pretzel, a bacon cluster, and a dark chocolate and pecan cluster.chocolateI wanted the bacon clusters to be amazing but unfortunately the execution wasn’t stellar. I was still in awe by the selection the shop had though. Once we finished up our treats we went to the famous Seattle Pike Place Market. I bought some amazing orange flavored almonds there, other than that we just wandered around taking in the sites and the people. Once we hit the end we decided to lay down on a hill because it was so beautiful out. We ended our afternoon stopping at a winery we spotted around the corner. Wine at 2pm. Why not?marketviewsOur next big adventure started on Saturday. We decided to drive to the Woodinville wineries. There are about 200 wineries in a few square miles. The amount of wineries is truly nuts. We only made it to 4 because we were driving but all the wines were delicious. My particular favorite was Airfield Estates. All of their wine was amazing. If I could I would have taken back a case of their sweet goodness on the plane with me. They do ship so I may cave and order some online soon. wineriesI think my favorite part of our entire trip was dinner on Saturday night. We went to a Moroccan restaurant and loved the entire experience. We started out with this cucumber, tomato, and chickpea concoction, that was served with some lentil soup, which was amazing. The next starter was seasoned shredded chicken, inside of a pastry, AND covered in powder sugar. How weird, and delicious. Have I mentioned that we didn’t have silverware yet? Finally for dinner Sarah had chicken and I had lamb. Holy smokes was this stuff delicious. If you have never been to a Moroccan restaurant I am begging you to go NOW.dinnerAfter dinner we met up with one of Sarah’s work friends and this was the first night I began to tell every one it was my birthday. So it is fair to say that I had a healthy amount of boozy booze. We somehow managed to stay up until after 3am, nuts considering the time change and everything. I was running off VERY little sleep all weekend. night out After our ridiculously late night we got up bright and early to meet up with Brittany in the Bliss. Aka Green Lake. The three of us went on a lovely walk around the lake (about 3 miles) and chatted our faces off. Brittany and I have been blogging buddies for what seems like a lifetime now. It has really only been about a year but when we finally got to hang out in real life it was pretty spectacular. No weirdness, just happy chatty ladies enjoying some sunshine. Oh and she made me cupcakes. OMG were they amazing. She just posted the recipe for the virtual vegan potluck so you should probably check it out: Brittany’s kick ass cupcakes.greenlakeThe icing on our beautiful Sunday was going to Veggie Grill. Brittany has written about this place on many many occasions and I have been dying to go. I ended up with a chick’n sandwich and sweet potato fries. For the final course it was carrot cake. This was all vegan mind you. It was delicious. Like hold the phone lady I am eating and cannot be bothered kind of delicious. An added bonus was that it was all free, I had a birthday coupon and my meal rang in at $0.00. I love food, I love free food even more. If I had a Veggie Grill in DC I would probably go vegan again. I’m just saying.veggie grillSunday ended with a grill out session with Sarah and her work family and watching Game of Thrones. All in all this was an amazing trip. I was definitely sleep deprived by the end and on Monday I went to bed bright and early and slept for a good 10 hours. I can’t wait for Sarah to come out to DC so I can show her around and I can’t wait until I go back again next year.

Q: What is the last vacation you went on?
Q: How old were you the first time you rode a plane? What about riding a plane by yourself?
Q: Have you ever been to a vegan restaurant?




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  1. This looks like an amaaaaaazing vacation. The vegan food looks delic too, I would def try that. I lovoooooooove that you went to a winery. This is my kind of trip. Sushi rolls are addicting.

    The last big vacation I went on was to Cancun with my lover. We stayed at an all inclusive resort which was fabulous and it was also topless….. so that was interesting. The majority of ladies that choose not to wear their tops were like 50+ and not the type of chests you’d want to see. None the less, we had a blast!

    Isnt that the best when you return home, all sleep deprived, and just go into a coma? Best sleep ever.

  2. A bacon cluster?! WHAT?!?!?!?! That sounds insane. And so jealous you got to meet Brittany and taste her cupcakes. I oogled over them on her blog the other day. LOVE all of the pics!

    • I will definitely need to make some chocolate covered bacon on my own. Make it SUPER crispy and then drizzle it. The stuff we had just wasn’t crunchy, it kind of broke my heart.

  3. Gah I have been WAITING for this post!!!!!! Sounds and looks like you had such an awesome time in Seattle!!! You really just made me miss it like no tomorrow!! Pike’s always just rocks my world and I could hang out there for hoursssss. Bummer that the bacon chocolate wasn’t all its cracked up to be, because I mean.. its bacon – how could they mess that up?!? I really want to check out that Moroccan restaurant, kinda reminds me of Along Came Polly 😀 haha Damn, I knew I should’ve come, especially since Britt made those awesome cupcakes!!

    • They were amazing. I only managed down one because we had such a big lunch and then laid out the rest of the afternoon before dinner. There just wasn’t enough time to eat them! Sarah lucked out in that scenario though!

  4. Looks like a really fun trip! All the food you ate looked delicious!! I’ve never been to Seattle before but I’d love to go to all those wineries! My boyfriend works at one and the discounts/free stuff he gets is pretty great!

  5. Sounds like so much DELICIOUS fun! I was probably under 1 year old when I first rode a plane, my family was always travelling several times a year.

    • So young! My parents took us on some really cool vacation when I was in middle school but during college I was only a place twice I think. Not much in the world of travel for me!

  6. Sushi and chocolate? You ladies definitely know how to live 🙂 Looks like so much fun, I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle!

  7. I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH! IT’s my favorite ever. You and Sarah look SO young in your graduation picture!! Such widdle babiesss!! Your trip to Seattle was epic and your adventures were perfect!! I am still so jazzed we got to hangout and meet!! YAYAYA! I still miss you too..I’m getting all sappy! Just means we have to hangout againnnnn. I actually really enjoy riding planes alone, I think it’s because I am always riding them with my sister to help out my family and it’s refreshing when I get to go alone!! That doesn’t happen often though ahah.

    • Weee!! I am so happy we got to meet too! You and Britta need to fly to DC as soon as I am walking around freely again! So many east coast adventures to be had. Thanks for taking us to veggie cafe, scrumdillyumptious.

  8. 3 years ago…girl, I just realized that my college graduation was 10 years ago this May : ) I’m so happy that you had fun in Seattle. I’m glad you shared all of your photos. I loved seeing them!

    • One thing I have learned in blog land / real life is that there is ALWAYS some one who will make you feel slow / fast / old / young. We are all just swimming around together : ) Thanks!

  9. I haven’t been on vacation in a long time, but I was in Seattle a few years ago and Iloved every second of it. It’s a great place to visit or live!

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