Overdue Blog Awards

Meghan (awesome name right) from After the Ivy League nominated me for the Liebster blog award last week. Thank you Meghan!! I filled this puppy out back in October so mosey on over there to learn some more rando things about me!! Maribel over at Food4ThoughtNYC nominated me for the Reality Blogger Award also last week! Thank you sooo much ladies, I am starting to feel a little popular…


So the rules for the Reality Blog award are as follows:
1) Show appreciation of the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post – done
2) Add the award logo to your blog – done
3) Share 7 things about yourself – done
4) Nominate 5 – 10 or so bloggers you admire – done
5) Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know – N/W
6) Optional questions – Opt out


Fun facts about yours truly:
1) I started playing soccer again after a ‘little’ 12 year break. I’m quick but my ball skills are pretty mediocre. I have gotten a lot better than when I first started but I think it’s still obvious I didn’t play in high school or college.
2) I hate shopping. Clothes shopping is like torture for me.
3) I’m a slight tv junky. I never watch shows when they air but I watch them after the fact online. Current shows I am completely caught up on: Private Practice, Gossip Girl, Beauty and the Beast, 90210, Nashville, Hart of Dixie, and Revenge. It’s a pretty aggressive schedule to keep up with but I manage.
4) I’ve had three cars. I bought an adorable Saturn when I was 16 after working my butt off at Wendy’s for a year and a half at minimum wage. I then went on vacation with my Mom and came back to a car with no engine, my brother is a sweet heart and blew it up. I had the care for about a year and a half. He then had to replace my car, I picked out a 1997 2-door Honda Civic 5 speed. I drove it into the ground (250,000 miles) and in Dec of 2010 it died. I leased a 2010 Corolla when my car died and I have that now. I am getting rid of it next winter and couldn’t be happier! I don’t like having a new car, it dents too easy.
5) The boy and I have known each other since 6th grade and actually dated for a week. He promptly dumped me. If we had kissed he would have been my first kiss! How adorable would that be! It’s too bad, maybe that’s why I got dumped… I kid I kid!
6) I haven’t lived with my parents since the summer after my freshman year of college. I had an apartment by school and they had a lake house. I say strange things now like “going to my parents” instead of “going home” because I grew up 45 minutes away from where they live now and have never lived in that house. When I go I stay in a little baby bedroom and in a single bed. I’m used to a fancy king bed so it’s quite different.
7) I prefer sleeping on fleece blankets than sheets. They are so soft!! I also love jersey cotton sheets, specifically the ones folded up in a square that you can get from Walmart.

Now for the nominations: I can never do this with out feeling bad about not nominating certain people so I’m gunna bend the rules and do my own thang. If your name starts with the letter A-M then tell me your version of the even numbered fun facts, if you name starts with the letter N-Z then tell me your version of the off numbered fun facts. If you are confused I apologies. I can give examples if prompted : )

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6 replies

  1. Since I’ve just started reading your blog, this was an awesome post to read. Loved learning more about you girl =) Have a wonderful day.

  2. SHOPPING IS THE WORST! I somehow got fanangled into Black Friday shopping and almost killed someone! haha

  3. Great way to do your nominations!
    I have only had 2 cars and my current car is 12 years old. I cross my fingers that it lasts another 12. Gotta love Chevy!

  4. I hate clothes shopping too!! Even online shopping takes its toll on me. Crazy since I used to work in fashion in a past life, lol. I could live in workout clothes though. Congrats again btw. 🙂


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