Day 2 of The 5 Mile Challenge

1weekBoom. 5 miles done. I didn’t want to push super hard because I have soccer tonight and its only day two of seven. I was a wee bit angry before I started running so I actually ended up running faster than I had planned, oh well. Does that ever happen to you? You get pissed off and then an entire run is wasted forming comebacks. Such a waste of energy!! Anywayssss, shall we start from the top? 6:45am breakfast – 3 eggs with wildtree seafood seasoning and an orange. 9:30am snack – banana. 11:30am work out – 5 mile run. 1:00pm lunch – salad of mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, carrot, and a chicken burger. 1:20 dessert – apple and red raspberry 1(10)photo 2(10)Another thing I was thinking about on my run was something my Dad said to me when I was visiting over Thanksgiving. I love my Dad to pieces, we are cut from the same cloth no doubt, and I know he loves me and would never mean anything he says to make me feel bad. BUT over Thanksgiving he said “For how much you are running and working out I don’t understand why you aren’t a twig.” I know some of you may be gasping but I promise it was not in a vindictive manner at all!! My Dad got a little chubs when he quit smoking umpteen years ago and then like 3 years ago maybe he went all mid life crisis and started crazy working out. Now he is turning 63 (in 2 weeks!) and is in awesome shape and working out 6 days a week. Go Dad. So being the defensive B I am sometimes I responded to that question with “With how much you work out why aren’t you thin, you have a belly.” (I’m a total sweet heart I know) And he replied with “I eat too much, I’m not trying for a six pack.” It’s common sense really eat less, work out more, see results. Who has time for that though?! I want results STAT. That doesn’t happen over night though. Consistency is where it’s at and I made a goal for next year to get to my happy weight and stay there – 2013 BucketList.

I know I eat less than perfect on the weekends and that’s okay, I can definitely reel that in a little. I am going to see my parents for nine days over Christmas and I am making a mini end of year goal to eat NORMAL while I am there. I kid you not I eat a slightly varied version of the same thing every day for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is a little more varied but still its a piece of meat and a bunch of vegetables and sometimes a rogue sweet potato makes it to my plate. Now when I stay at my parents I’m like a little kid in a candy store with their fridge. It is ALWAYS stocked with everything. My Dad is a fricken awesome cook and he always makes enough for left overs so there are left overs galore in the house. And when I know I’m not paying for groceries I’m more likely to shake things up. SO the goal here, just to stay on my regular schedule, I know I’ll feel better, be happier, and a million other things, just gotta do it. My wine consumption also SKY ROCKETS when I’m at home. I typically just hand the keys over when I get in and get them back on the day I plan on driving back to DC. It is ALWAYS wine pm somewhere, funny how that works. Okay enough rants and rambles. If you read all this kudos to you and thank you : )

Q: When do you have your best runs? Have you figured out a time of day, mood, weather, or star alignment that just makes your legs sing sweet sweet symphonies and the miles just fly by?

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  1. Another great 5 miler to check off the list! And I love that little exchange between you and your dad, you guys must be really close! I love that you can be totally honest/joking with each other. It sounds like you have a great plan to stick to a normal eating schedule when you’re at your parents. My advice would be not to be too strict though! For me, when I tell myself I can’t have something, I want it that much more and it’s all I can think about. That can be dangerous! haha

  2. It’s funny that you said the thing about being pissed off cause when my friends and I go for runs sometimes, we use them as vent sessions and end up sprinting. The only reason we end up slowing down is if we get too out of breath to keep up our conversation! I’m the same way at my parent’s house (or my house, I guess?)… they always stock up on the junk food like cheez its, oreos, ice cream, etc and I can’t help but dig in since they’re things that I would NEVER buy for myself! This year, I’m going to work at eating the same way I would at school. I’ll feel much better about myself if I do.

    • Agreed! I don’t even think its the type of food, yes they always have lots of chips and dips which are yummy but its quantity! I LOVE nuts, but I won’t buy them because they are so pricey! I think if I make sure to keep up with running than I’ll be fine. Fingers crossed. Good luck to you too 🙂 And the only reason I say my parents house is because they moved while I was in college and I have never lived there!!

  3. Ahaha I think the same way about myself sometimes when I’m in full workout mode. I don’t think I’ve figured out my secret to good runs aside from cool weather. It was so weird when I discovered that running in 5-10 degrees cooler than usual shaved 1:30 off my mile but hey I’ll take it!

  4. For me, it’s a combination of my energy level… and my playlist 😉 If I got a good nights sleep, and I have good music… I’m good to go!


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