Sweet Victory & Earring Giveaway

Guess who found their Garmin?? THIS GUY. Where was it? Neatly packed in my bag between two pairs of jeans. I guess just removing my clothes from my bag wasn’t a sufficient means of hunting. Prior to packing my life away for Thanksgiving at my parents, which I have YET to unpack from, sigh, I cleaned out my car. While looking for the post to tag just now I also realized I have two posts with the title “Great Success” and “Great Success!“, I’m so original! Well when I was cleaning out the car I found the match to one of my favorite earrings. See I went to visit my brother at school in May and brought my two favorite pairs of earrings. By the time I got there the match to both were gone. I was so miserable. I am still holding out hope that the 2nd one shows up but for now I’ll take having my beautiful turquoise flower earrings back in my life. When I lost the earrings I went on a little shopping spree and bought all of these…photo 5(1)photo 1(5)As you can see from the wound on my hand Sasha is a nipper right now! Seeing as it is the season of giving and I am a pro at purchasing jewels and never wearing them I want to give them away to all of you! To enter to win one of these babies just comment and tell me which is your favorite color. I will give this until midnight on Sunday, if no one else picks the color you do its yours. If multiple people go for the same then I will choose at random. *Limited to the US and Canada.

Back to business: Food – I cooked up a yummy chicken thigh quarter last night. I love this cut of the chicken. Its so cheap and you still get a ton of meat. I will say though that you MUST clean the piece of meat prior to cooking. There will be some “unpleasantries” that you need to remove. Preheat the oven to 425F, CLEAN the meat, cut off all the excess fat / skin. I leave only the skin covering the top portion of the meat, the rest I remove with kitchen scissors, I have found that these are WAY easier than using a knife. Next get yourself a pan and lay down some tin foil. Add some butter or cooking spray to the chicken and season. I used: salt, pepper, pinchito spice,  and smoked paprika. Cook for 20 minutes.

photo 1(4)

look how inexpensive!

photo 2(4)photo 3(3)photo 4(4)I actually wasn’t super hungry last night night so I just ate the chicken. I ate some mango later on in the night too. After dinner we went and saw The Silver Lining Playbook. It was depressing at times but SUCH a good movie!! What made the movie even better? The theater had just been renovated… WITH RECLINERS. I was beyond comfy, just all curled up, watching a movie, bf to my left, stranger to my right, so cozy.

Q: Which color earring is your favorite?!
Q: Have you ever been to a movie theater with a recliner?

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11 replies

  1. Purple..no and that chicken looks yummy!

  2. Aw, I like the hot pink ones! Although they’re all really cute!! I’m glad you found your garmin…. man that’s some scary stuff! I never wear mine… but I’d be upset if I lost it for sure

  3. Awe those are adorable. What no ones favorite color is yellow? I shouldn’t be surprised LOL. That is my favorites. I’m really glad you were able to recover the Garmin. Heck yes.

  4. I love the cream/ivory colored earrings! I like some of the others too, but I like the neutrality of the ivory.

  5. That looks like the theater by our house and we LOVE it! They sell wine, fancy popcorn, and bing me a blanket when I’m cold. It’s totally owrth the extra few dollars! I can’t wait to see that movie too…it just might be our Xmas movie!

  6. Was between three of the colors but I’m gonna choose the blue ones. They don’t look too bright or too soft, just right.
    And I’d love to go to a theater with recliners. 🙂

  7. Ummm I LOVE ALL OF THEM. I love the simplicity of the cream colored ones but i love the spunk of the colored ones. This is probably one of the toughest decisions as of late. Maybe the light pink ones??

  8. Cute! Hmmm it’s a toss up between the cream colored or blue ones! Congrats on finding both your Garmin & matching earring — they were both just temporarily misplaced for a bit 😉


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