Puppy Sprints

Today’s work out was a bit of a hodge podge. The boy couldn’t make it home over lunch to let Sashabear out so I ran over there. The people at the apartment complex thought I was crazy because I wanted to get in a mile prior to letting her out and when I got to the parking lot I was at 0.80 miles. So obviously I started running in circles / up and down the parking lot. NBD. I grabbed Sasha and we went to a secluded court yard so I could let her run around. After doing the standard loving I decided I would run her a little so she would fall right back to sleep for the rest of the afternoon until the boy could let her out. Enter puppy sprints. She is still really young (11 weeks on Friday!) so she can’t run for too long with out getting tired. So we did about 10 minutes of sprinting from one corner to the other. She was being an angel and only got distracted by some grass once!


woman. leave me to my slumber, you exhaust me.

She is so adorable isn’t she! I feel bad I don’t post as many pictures of Jax as I do Sasha, so here are some Jax photos for you more feline loving folks.

photo 2(3)

mom. why don’t you love me.

photo 1(3)

that bigger furry bites. i just loveeee

I love furries! I hate that my clothing is covered in hair but I love the snuggles. Sasha won’t snuggle yet, she would rather chew your arm.

Alright back to running. So I ran a mile, did some puppy sprints, ran a mile back to the gym and showered up and went back to work. On the agenda for the evening is cooking up a chicken thigh, will share the recipe once I make it up, looking for my watches, and going to see Silver Lining Playbook!

Q: Have you guys seen the movie yet?! What do you think?!?!?
PS: I put up a BlogRoll today!! I also updated the About Me section, so for in case you can’t get enough of my mug head that way!

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3 replies

  1. Awww your puppy is ADORABLE! I need a dog right now. I’ve done the “running up and down the block” thing before too, I always get some great looks haha

  2. Hahaha I’ve definitely done the “run back and forth until I reach an even mile” thing 😉


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