Silly Snow Day

With all the hype about a nasty storm rolling through DC I was pretty sure that today would be a snow day. It is! The government has shut down all of it’s offices, meaning I can’t work! The best part about it? It’s hardly snowing and the roads are totally clear right now so I can probably sneak out in a little to go hang with friends. Best snow day ever.

Work outs this week have been great, I went to yoga on Monday and there was a great sub  there so the class was super challenging and stretched out my sore muscles amazingly. Tuesday was a 4 miler (@6.4) and then soccer play offs. If you read this often you know that my team rarely has enough players for subs (heck the first few games we just played down people) and last night was no different. We had exactly enough to field the team and that is all.

Halves were 25 minutes last night (for Dec they were 20) and because we ended the regular season in LAST place we were playing the first place team. Well we won! We played our hearts out and squeezed out a 3-2 victory. I also managed to get a bloody nose in the middle of the 2nd half, woops. That was a total nuisance, I felt bad leaving the girls to play a man down so I was just willing my nose to stop bleeding and it finally did.

Winning that game means that we play on the 19th in the 2nd round of the playoffs, the icing on the cake? Outdoor soccer starts next week so on the 19th we will have an indoor game at 7pm and an outdoor game at 9pm, there are 4 of us that play on both teams… it’s going to be a longggg day!

Back to this snow day… I made a killer batch of pancakes for breakfast, watched about 4 episodes of 90210, and then tried to go up to the gym but all the treadmills were full, looks like I’m gunna have to muster up the motivation to get back up there later, ugh. Here is the pancake recipe:

Chocolate Banana Pancakes

1 banana
2 eggs
1 scoop sunbutter
1 scoop hemp protein powder (or just do chocolate chips / cocoa powder, I’m just trying to use the stuff up)
1 scoop of unsweetened coconut flakes
4 figs
coconut oil for cooking

Smash the banana with a fork or blender. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend / mix. Makes 4 pancakes!883635_417720024984186_2033977982_oAs you can see I was parked on the couch snuggled in a blanket. Perfect start to a snow day!

Talking Points

Q: Favorite ‘weekend’ breakfast?
Q: Did your work / school get cancelled for the non existent snow?
Q: Any good treadmill fail stories?

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21 replies

  1. So jealous of your snow day! Congrats on winning your first playoff game super exciting!

  2. Whoa 25 min halves?! That seems that normal for your league? Either way AWESOME JOB!! Yum to these pancakes, and YAY for a non snow, snow day!

  3. I’m so excited about this snow day today. I needed it even if it wasn’t actually worth it. My roommate and I went shopping. And holy cow that will make for a lot of exercise! Yay for yoga going well. I really like it when it’s challenging.

    • The teacher who normally is there suckssss. It’s the perfect day and time for my schedule but she is seriously the worst!!! Glad you were able to fill up your snow day more productively than me!

  4. I kind of had a snow day but, I was already at the gym when they decided to cancel it. So, I got a workout in with a small group. It’s always fun to beat up on the number one team. I could eat breakfast for lunch and dinner and for breakfast. You pancakes look yummy.

  5. Uhm, yum!! Those pancakes look amazing!

  6. Favorite weekend breakfast would have to be some sort of cheesy veggie scrambled eggs and turkey bacon. But if I didn’t care about my heart and allowed myself to eat my weight in cholesterol it would be creamed chipped beef with home fries and scrapple. Yum!

  7. Pancakes are definitely my favorite, though a nice omelet is great too! Jealous of your snow day. We have extreme winds and rain that is supposed to turn snowy…

    • I heard that a little farther out people were getting like 6 inches of snow! It was just rainy and windy gross here, if I were back home this would be considered a normal day, not an excuse to not go to work!

  8. uumm… I want (need?) a snow day like that! So jealous! I hope you enjoyed it to the fullest!

    We went to brunch this weekend and I got biscuits and gravy. sinful and delicious!

  9. Um, no fair!! Sounds like a perfect day 🙂

  10. I am digging all of your chocolate banana recipes and super jealous of your day off!


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