Ode to Brussels Sprouts

I bought a bag of these lovely darlings in my giant Costco haul a little while ago. Not knowing how long they lasted (and being to lazy to look it up) I made sure to cook them basically nightly…

Asian Shrimp and Green Stir-fry

Ingredients: Shrimp, zucchini squash, collard greens, brussels sprouts, onion, honey, soy sauce, salt, pepper, ginger, and quinoa.

The reason there are no portion sizes is because you can make this as big or little as you want. When it comes to me and green vegetables basically any amount is a healthy serving, you never have to worry that you are eating too many green veggies. Cut and slice your vegetables however you would like, cook with some EVOO and season with salt, pepper, and ginger. I left the collard greens out until later, I’d recommend doing the same! Cook until the vegetables begin to brown a little, then add in your shrimp, collard greens, and soy sauce / honey mix. For the mix I did equal parts of honey and soy, I made this again later and did approximately 2 parts soy sauce 1 part honey. I liked that much better, it’s all up to you and how sweet you want this dish. I then served it up over some quinoa that I had cooked in broth!
photo 2(61)photo 5(33)

Simple Soy Sauce Veggie Stir-Fry

I’m not sure if this really needs a recipe but I’ll give you the outline of the meal. Quarter up a bunch of brussels sprouts, chop zucchini squash, and collard greens (can you tell I had a lot of the SAME things in my fridge for the week…). Saute over medium heat with a little bit of EVOO and add whatever seasoning you want. I had a fun chipotle seasoning that I used. Right before everything was perfectly cooked a shook some soy sauce in the pan, let it sizzle and plated it up. I ate this 2 hours before a 13 mile run and felt great. I did have a handful of nuts also but this was the perfect amount of carbs to hold me over during the long run.photo 4(44)

Asian Shrimp and Green Stir-fry -> No Shrimp!

I only had enough shrimp on hand to make one meal of unfortunately. Since I loved the original idea anyways I just ran with it. I made the changes to the 2-1 ratio for the soy and honey and served over left over quinoa. This was even better than the first!photo 3(58)

Sasha vs Tarzan

Poor Tarzan. I found out this past weekend that while Sasha is NOT a humper, like I have never seen her hump before, she apparently likes to hump cats. Poor Tarzan couldn’t walk around without Sasha trying to mount him. I don’t think Sasha realizes that by playfully patting Tarzan that her GIANT paw could probably just squish him. Tarzan was a trooper though and didn’t beat Sasha up, I was impressed. He is one cool kitty. For the most part he just looked at me like “can you please move this behemoth” photo 1(64)

Talk to me!

Q: Do you like brussels sprouts?
Q: What is your favorite way to cook them?
Q: How often do you make simple one pot wonder meals? – I am a huge fan of just throwing meat and veggies in a pan and calling it a day!

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3 replies

  1. I’ve been craving Asian flavors like crazy lately too! Just made some Asian meatballs last night, and I’m planning on making a stir fry later this week! Yummy.

  2. We just had Brussels sprouts last night as well…they are good but do have a slight asparagus effect!

  3. The first time I had brussel sprouts was about a month ago…. I mean, EVER. Now we use them at least three times a week in various dishes 🙂

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