Happy Thanksgiving!!

The car ride to my parents yesterday turned out to be much easier than expected. DC always has traffic so we did get stuck in some stop and go as we left the city. The drive, which normally take me under 6 hours ended up taking us a little over 7. I normally don’t stop and drive straight but with the dogs and traffic we needed to stop. I asked every one yesterday for their travelling with animal horror stories in hopes that whatever happened yesterday would seem like child’s play. Turns out I was worried about nothing!! Sasha was down and out for the entire trip and Reggie was back and forth between laying down and hanging out up front to see what every one was doing. My car smells about as far as it can from roses but it was a pretty peaceful drive and I don’t have much in the world of complaints! After getting in I whipped up some sweet potato fries and a salad with soy sauce dressing. I then proceeded to have a few rapid fire glasses of wine and was asleep by 10pm : ) All in all very successful!

I woke up before the 6am hour (I am a terrible sleeper) and came down to the living room to read. I checked out a book from the library a few weeks ago and haven’t had a chance to start it so I figured I would read it this weekend. I am now half way through my first James Patterson book! I selected “Toys” as my first adventure into his world. Some reading later my belly started grumbling so I cooked up some eggs and served them on my dad’s spinach patties (I will find this recipe and share it because it is one of my absolute favorites) and a slice of salami. I seasoned the eggs with a little bit of salt and some smoked paprika.After some shopping with my mom I decided that I should go for a run. I am visiting my grandpa (so excited!!!) tomorrow and we are leaving at 8am and won’t get home until late. He lives about 2 hours away so any chance of working out is pretty much out the window. I finished a 30 minute run (3.6 miles) and am very happy that I did it. I was so nervous for cold weather and I ended up running in a t-shirt and was sweating my butt off! Its 60 degrees and beautiful here right now, I couldn’t ask for better weather. Post run I needed some food!! The fridge was actually slim pickings for once. All the resources were spoken for or already incorporated into something for our dinner tonight. I rummaged around and came up with enough goods to make some lettuce wraps.

3 slices of pastrami
1 stalk of celery
3 ribs of romaine lettuce
Little bit of chopped red onion
Fresh mushrooms – was stuck using canned
2 – 3 spoonfuls of salsa
Couple shakes of franks

Slice meat and veggies (not the romaine!!) up, throw in a bowl with salsa and hot sauce. Mix up and put in your lettuce wraps. Enjoy!Since its already 2pm where I am and 5pm somewhere my dad decided it was wine time as I was finishing up lunch. I am off to spend some time with the famdam and start the Thanksgiving festivities. I hope you all have a wonderful day / afternoon / evening. If you have taken the time to read this today thank you mucho : )

Q: Do you try to run / work out when you know you day will be filled with holiday food?
Q: What dish are you most excited about tonight if you are celebrating Thanksgiving today?

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11 replies

  1. These dogs are absolutely adorable!!

  2. Love the puppy pics! The German’s too cute for words.

  3. I lovee James Patterson. He has been my favorite author because his books are consistently good. I do like to workout when I know I am going to be eating more than normal, however I don’t plan to eat more than normal today. I did go for a 4mile run though and it was marvelous! Happy Thanksgiving, glad you made it safe!!

  4. I definitely made sure to get a workout in today before the feast! Today was a 5 mile hike and it was wonderful!! We’ve already eaten and gone for a second walk. Hope you enjoy the rest of your festivities 🙂

  5. Glad you had pretty safe travels and the pets cooperated. I normally run and am active every day (LOL) besides recovery days, Today I ran a turkey trot which I did pretty well at.


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