Huma Gel Deliciousness & July Goals

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try out an alternative to the standard gu / cliff gels back in April. Unfortunately, as many of you know, my ACL decided to give way right around that time as well, so my need for using gels pretty much went out the window. I suppose I could sit on these little gels and wait until the fall but that just doesn’t sound like fun.

So bring on the Hüma Gel!

Huma Quick Tech Guide

   Chia Quick Facts:

  • Highest Omega-3 content of any crop
  • More antioxidants than blueberries
  • 25% soluble fiber (can increase fullness and regulate carbohydrate uptake, ensuring a steady release of nutrients)
  • Complete protein (all 9 Essential Amino Acids)

So basically Hüma Gels are energy gels that are made out of chia seeds! I don’t know about you but I LOVE chia seeds. They are super versatile and add a huge punch of nutritional goodness. BLmVUCkCEAII-D8On top of being good for you and not containing any funky ingredients that you can’t pronounce they are fricken delicious. Currently there are two flavors: Apples & Cinnamon and Strawberry. My person favorite is the Apples & Cinnamon – it literally tastes like an apple pie. Drool. Since I am not running I had planned on just opening up the gel, tasting it, logging my thoughts, and throwing out the rest. That plan of attack lasted all of three seconds. I happily sat at my kitchen table and finished the entire thing : )

The best part of the gel was that there was no after taste. I only use gels when I am racing and it typically takes me about a mile to put a gel down. I go super slow and try to figure out a way to swallow super fast so that I don’t taste it too much. But alas, when I am running my mouth never cooperates and the gel sits there until I muster the strength to swallow. It shouldn’t be that hard should it? By the time I am done with the gels I thank the heavens that I haven’t upchucked and continue on my merry way. While I can’t attest to Hüma going down super smooth while running I can attest to happily snacking away on this gel like it was a dessert. Not an overly sweet dessert but a just right “can I have seconds” dessert.

I would highly recommend heading over to the Hüma store and trying out the sample pack. The sample pack is a 5 pack combo of both gel flavors – I promise you will not be disappointed!Now on a totally unrelated note it is already JULY!!! What in the world… 2013 is already half way over. I decided to take on a mini goal for the month of July. My whole “get jacked while injured plan” has not been going as planned. I find it hard to get jazzed up to go to the gym any more. I am not allowed to do any jumping or explosive moves so basically I am just lifting. While I do enjoy lifting I am missing the exertion of giving it my all. While I HATE burpees, squat jumps, and basically every other “OMG I want to die moves” I would do anythingggg to be able to do them.

So since that is not an option for many more moons I am picking out my core as a focal point for the month of July. I got the idea reading a post by Skinny Chick and figured why not. There are tons of exercises for a tight core and I plan on making sure to get one core work out in a day. Being a go getter and all I started this on Saturday.

Saturday I went for an epically long walk and then swam for 45 minutes. My core and shoulders are definitely feeling my pool work out! Then on Sunday I went into a “I need a nap” coma right when Bren and I were supposed to go get our swell on at the gym. When he asked what I wanted to do I said nap but that instead I would go with him if and only if I didn’t have to come up with any exercises and he would just tell me what to do. AKA I will do what I am told at the gym and not complain. WELL being the lovey that he is we did P90x core and chest. AWESOME. I felt pretty great after with all the push ups and pull up variations so when we decided to finish off with core I went with rotating ball sit ups and some planking. I would say I closed out June with a bang and I am ready to tackle July.I’m just starting to get the hang of twitter (I think) so I am going to tag some stuff #julyabs and see if any one follows suit (DO IT!!). So the goal is ab / core fitness EVERY day. It will be fun I promise.

Q: Have you tried Hüma Gels or any other natural gel products? What did you think?
Q: What do you use as fuel on your long runs / race days?
Q: What is going to tag a tweet with #JulyAbs and make me feel super popular?
Q: Any other mini goals for July?

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12 replies

  1. I’ll do July abs with you! I’ve been bad about doing them every day. Lessdoitttttt

  2. I loved the shirt. My daughter runs and I will show her this.

  3. I went bananas for that apple cinnamon gel. IT was sooooo good. I had the same plan, taste it just a bit to get the flavor but I shoved the entire thing into my mouth!

  4. I such at twitter haha. I love that shirt, though. Apple cinnamon sounds perfect!

  5. those gels sound interesting. higher in sugar than GU, slightly lower in carbs and vitamins, and higher in fat and protein. the only thing that would throw me off is the fat and protein — i’m not sure my body would like working to digest that (even 1-2 grams) on mile 22 of a marathon, you know?

    • I can’t attest to how they work at mile 22 because well… my longest run is 13.1 : ) I really just like the fact that the ingredient list is short and if I wanted to I could probably recreate the gel in my own kitchen. The only thing I can suggest is to try them and maybe let us know how they work on the longer runs? Other reviews I have read have given them great feedback so far.

  6. I’ve had the Hammer Gel apples and cinnamon. It’s is ridiculously delicious. I NEED this huma version. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Ok, along with the compression socks and now this gel stuff, i htink i am living under a rock. i have never heard of this stuff…. therefore, i am truly living under a rock.

    july abs… what a goal! get it girl!

    also, when i first read this post, i thought it was titled ‘human gel deliciousness’ and was like OMG EWWW SHES BLOGGING ABOUT DRINKKING BLOOD OR SOMETHING. Im so glad you aren’t a vampire. Phew.

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