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I was thisssss close to skipping my run this morning. I did not though, one of the thoughts that got me out the door was “dang it, am I going to have to tell my readers that I was a bum and hit the snooze?! I could just say I ran… but that would be lying, Megan are you really thinking about writing about a run you didn’t even do?! GET OUTSIDE NOW.” So I bundled up in the adorable furry pink headband my roommate bequeathed me, my brand spanken new old navy compression jacket, leggings, gloves, and my almost like new running shoes. I ended up being way to hot and ditched the gloves, I’m happy that the jacket worked out so great because NY is colddddd. My Garmin was fighting me for close to 10 minutes and showing me the dreaded “searching for satellite” screen. I hate that screen more than you can imagine. I know I live in an area with tall buildings but I run on a river… it makes no sense that the watch has so much trouble hooking up, every time!!! When I run at work it pulls the same garbage and I stand just around the corner from the office willing my coworkers not to pass me in my neon get ups and running pants, and I digress…

I ended up running 4.6 miles @ 9 min/mile pace. Nothing super exciting for me but I wasn’t expecting much out of my legs from my work out yesterday. I finished my run around 7:30am and frantically made breakfast, made sure the kitties had plenty of food for the weekend, a clean litter box (Amelia you didn’t even have to remind me!!), showered, and ran out the door. Breakfast this morning was simple and delicious. I had cooked up some zucchini and mushrooms earlier in the week so I ate those with my remaining three eggs. I am REALLY glad I ate all three instead of my standard two because yours truly left her lunch in the fridge at home : ) So I won’t be eating again until I land in NY around 6pm tonight, oh happy day.

Today’s car ride should be interesting to say the least. I will be riding up with the boy, Sasha the new puppy, and his nine year old golden retriever Reggie. Reggie does NOT like riding in cars, she stands and dances in the back seat the entire time. Sasha on the other hand will sleep but she is only 8 1/2 weeks old so we will have to stop a few times so she can empty her bladder.

We typically drive home in a straight shot but I’d prefer if my car didn’t get peed in  : ) To top it off I leased my car (dumbest thing ever, please never lease a car) so if either of these little angels decides they want to relieve themselves or chew on anything I will have to get it fixed. But I mean look at these eyes. How can you even be mad?! *Not a single bit of editing was done to the picture, she is just that adorable.


In preparation for the six-hour car ride today I cleaned out my car. My apartment building is metro accessible so a lot of people do not have cars. This means that when they go grocery shopping they bring the carts back to the apartment with them. There is normally a gaggle of carts hanging out by the loading dock out back so I took full advantage of them to help empty out my car. I’m kind of a nomad and live between my house, my bfs, and the office so my car is a giant closet / pantry. I went for a small cart thinking “psh that over sized Costco cart is way too big, I’m not that much of a hoarder.” But I am. Beneath the visible clothing there are three bags in there, my work bag, filled with gym clothes, another bag of clothes from who knows where, and a large reusable WholeFoods bag filled with a large saucepan, a blender, a container of eggs, soup, and some spices. Yes that was allllll in my car. On the bright side though I found my favorite earring that I thought was long gone! It was under the floor mat?! What theeeee. BUT the good news about this for all of you is that I bought three replacement pairs for the earrings that ended up just not being my style (never worn) so I will be hosting an earring give away when I get back to DC from NY. Woo!! I’m a champion of purchasing jewels and shoes and never wearing them.

Well this post went from the Running category into Random Musings : ) If you have made it all the way to the end you rock. I hope every one has a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and that you have a blast with your family and friends. I don’t think I will be back until Friday morning, so until then ; )

Q: Do you have any horrific stories of travelling with animals?

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  1. I can’t stand traveling with my dog. She’s a pain in the butt and jumps all over everyone and just gets in the way (especially since I have to sit in the backseat when I’m with the whole fam) Luckily, this year she’s staying at her daycare place for the week so I don’t have to make that 2 hour ride with her. Isn’t running in new gear so exciting? Haha maybe it’s just me but I love it!!

  2. Glad you didn’t skip your run. So awesome. When we were younger and traveling back and forth from the US to UK, we traveled with pets. We always seemed to own a pet that never liked to travel and we normally had to sedate before we left. (or give sleeping meds…). That’s all my pet travel though haha

  3. The access to shopping carts are awesome! I wish I had those around when I lived in an apartment. My dog is pretty easy to travel with- except for when she never saw snow before and wouldn’t go to the bathroom in it and ended up pooping in the car, ugh!

  4. I loveee when I clean stuff and find things I have been missing. Best feeling ever! Great job on getting out and running! Those carts around your area crack me up.

  5. I can’t count how many times I’ve wished I had a shopping cart to load up my car with!!

  6. I don’t have any pets so I’ve never really had to worry about it but I’ve traveled with my brothers dog and he sometimes goes crazy in the car!

  7. Hey, good job running! You know I was thinking you might like looking at some of the workouts they have on fitness I know you use the travel WODS but fitness blender has some pretty good videos, I incorporate a lot of the moves I learn from their videos into my own routines like two hop squats or flutter kick squats….just a thought

  8. Hahaha that shout out made me laugh!!


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