Dear Vegan friends… HELP!!

Hello lovies! On top of the BodyRock 30 day May challenge I am toying with the idea of vegan mon-fri and clean eating. Why mon-fri you say? Because if I tell myself I can’t have a lick of alcohol (yes I know I can get vegan wine but whatever) I’ll be a cranky girl. So Saturday I will allow myself some booze if I feel so inclined. Now I think I will be fine with lunch and dinner for this little experiment but what about breakfast??? Lately as you all know I’ve been eating eggs for breakfast. I’ve also added in cottage cheese with fresh fruits. Now both of these are a no go for breakfast. I know I could do oatmeal and I def will but its summer time and that seems awfully wintery in my opinion. So to all you wonderful vegans out there… what do you eat for breakfast? Give me everything!! I need to keep my diet varied or I’ll get bored and slip up. 

Thanks guys!! Look forward to seeing what you have for me!! 

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  1. One of my best friends is a very strict vegan and she has delicious smoothies all the time. If you use almond milk there isn’t much of a taste difference from using skim milk. I could ask her for more specific recipes if you’d like 🙂

  2. You can soak oats in a milk and/or yogurt substitute overnight and they’ll get nice and soft! I’ve only done it with dairy milk/yogurt, but I’m sure it would work just as well!

  3. I’ve been eating vegan for a little over a month now and it’s been super easy to transition from vegetarian to vegan! For breakfast I usually grab a sandwich, but on the days I don’t have to run out the door at 5am I eat breakfast that looks something like this: Fruit (a lot of it) a piece of toast with PB, roasted potatoes mixed with brussels sprouts and spinach (and any other vegetable I need to use up) and then some vegan sausage for good protein. Top it with salsa…SWOON!

    It looks something like this:
    Scroll down to the bottom picture.

    If all else fails..OATMEAL!

  4. I think that is an amazing idea! I am ‘flirting with vegetarianism’. I have been ~90% dairy free and eating seafood. I love it…the way that I feel etc. But, it does take some more planning. I found Alicia Silverstone’s Book The Kind Diet ( to be really helpful. She has some good recipes in there for sure. I can’t be a huge help because I do love me some eggs.

    This PB and Banana oat can be made vegan by using a flax egg (mix water and flax, let sit, you get an egg)

    For dinner, I always start with grains, add veggie protein (edamame, chickpeas, etc) and delicious seasonings. Something like this…

    Good luck on your quest and keep us posted on the recipes that you find!

    • Thank you! My parents are in town right now and its my birthday on Monday so I have a few dinners already planned that I would feel like a brat crying vegan to so my game plan for now is to finish up the food I have in my fridge because I don’t like wasting things, but to only buy vegan friendly from here on out. That way I figure by next Wednesday all my dinner obligations will be done and I will have a vegan fridge ready and waiting for me! Thanks for the support!

      • I think that’s a great idea. I feel the same way when I eat out or at someone’s house. It is hard, but I know that in my house, I can eat the way that I want.

        One more trick for baking, check out Earth Balance as a butter substitute.

        Happy Birthday!!!

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