Oh BodyRock… You sly devil you

As I mentioned on May 1st  I decided to do the BodyRock.tv 30 day challenge. The website is posting a day behind in my time zone so my schedule is shifted by one day. All the same I am doing the exercises in the order they were intended for. I am SO sore. I have been keeping an Excel doc with all of my scores from the work outs so in a month I can compare and see how I am doing. For any one out there who has been following here are my scores if you would like to see how a normal person scores : )

I actually have not brought myself to comparing against Lisa Marie or Sean (they do the work outs on the site)  because they are both so ridiculously in shape that I think my score would look pathetic and it would make me feel bad. So I have decided to just compete with myself! I love how in 12-35 minutes I can be dripping in sweat and feel like I just spent 12 hours in a gym with these work outs. The toughest move I’ve had to do so far is definitely the hanging knee raise (hanging from a smith machine or whatever you have “simply” tuck your knees to your chest). This was part of the work out on the 4th and it was just brutal. I have always thought I had strong abs but this exercise schooled me. A combination of everything I did this week has been making standing up after sitting down quite excruciating. Where my legs connect to my pelvis and where my abs go into my pelvis feel like they took a severe beating. I can “feel” every muscle in my body basically in whatever I am doing. I have not run this week at all but am thinking about doing so today. I’ve been crazy busy with after work things and my parents have been in town since Friday. I managed to sneak off to the gym when they napped yesterday. I would HIGHLY suggest any one looking to shake things up go to BodyRock.tv and try out some of the work outs.

The Tough Mudder is exactly one week away now!! We just got out start time and it’s an hour earlier than we had expected (09:20AM). Which means that it may be a little chillier than we had been hoping for. Basically the ice water baths are going to be brutal no matter what BUT our one saving grace was going to be if it was 80 degrees like it has been lately. I’m not sure if that is going to happen any more. As of now the high is 68 degrees and it clearly won’t be that hot in the morning. Soooo that should be a blast. I have been told not to over do work outs prior to the TM but I am going to try to keep up with the BodyRock stuff any ways this coming week. Wish me luck!!

Switching gears and moving to vegan / eating news. I’m not okay with throwing out food so I have some yogurt in my fridge that I need to eat before my side of the fridge will be full vegan. I did go for my first vegan grocery shopping trip today though and it was very successful! I’m looking forward to cooking this week and trying new foods. Tomorrow is my birthday so I am going out to dinner with my bf on Wednesday to celebrate and then my gfs the following Wednesday. My plan is to cook vegan for myself but not to be a pain for my birthday dinners. That means the 19th will be my last non vegan day for a bit. I may stick to vegetarian while I’m there but I’m not going to stress if I can’t be strict vegan. I am excited to get started though! Hopefully I can figure out the right balance of nutrients so that my body doesn’t feel tired and I can still perform and complete the half marathon on June 2nd sub 1:55. Dream big!!

Do you have any big races coming up soon? What are you doing to prepare and make sure you are ready?

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