Why I can’t get rid of Facebook

I have been toying with the idea of getting rid of Facebook lately. I slashed my friend count in half and still have a ridiculous amount of contacts. I can attribute that to college and becoming friends with every person I met for 5 minutes and feeling like I just had to add them to my Facebook friend list. So the reason I am bringing up Facebook…

I grew up in upstate NY and had a cousin that grew up in Denver. So we only saw each other on a handful of occasions. Well he now lives in San Francisco and I live in DC so the distance is even great now! Not with Facebook… So! I noticed Thursday in my newsfeed that a picture he posted was geo-tagged in Chantilly VA. Which is about 30 minutes west of where I live. So I sent him a FB message and found out he is staying in DC for work right now and that Friday was his birthday!! I have not see him since I was this young:

What a little baby!! We ended up getting together for dinner and grabbing a drink after on Friday! I think this photo is from my Grandpa’s 70th birthday party, he is 82 or 83 now! So its been forever! We are now freshly 26 and I’ll be 24 in 2 weeks! So that is very exciting. I love how with family you can go twelve years with out seeing some one but as soon as you have the chance you jump on it and its not awkward and just comforting to see a family face, even if it has aged 12 or 13 years. So while I do think that Facebook can be a bit invasive I think its a great way to bring people together who other wise would not be able to. Frankly I didn’t even have my cousins cell phone number, I mean back when we were 11 and 13 we didn’t have cell phones!

Switching gears and moving to gym goods – Thursday we had another soccer game, 2 last week! We won 2-1 wooo. There was a good chunk of running too because we had no female subs so we all got to play all 90 minutes. Friday I went for a 6 mile run, I’ve been slacking lately, with being sick and having 2 soccer games last week my mileage has been nose diving. I treated my feet to a pedicure Friday which they were in desperate need off. Oh and I chopped all my hair off!

Three days until Puerto Rico! AKA lots of running today and on Wednesday, soccer Tuesday so no running then. I can not wait for the warm weather!!

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  1. Facebook actually helped connect me with my dad’s side of the family, whom he never speaks to (family drama!! lol). It was awesome to get to know more aboout my cousins without pestering my dad for info! One of my cousins lives not too far from my parents house and I hope to one day meet her and her new husband 🙂

    I really do need to go through my Facebook friends and delete about 3/4 of them! It’s just such a tedious thing to do..

    • I found a trick! Go to your friends page, let your cursor float over the name of your next victim, a little info with show, bring the cursor over the thing that says friends, more options show, click unfriend, then you get a pop up and you click remove from friends. Now another pop up will show that just says OK, DO NOT CLICK IT! If you do it refreshes the page, instead you can just scroll and find the next one, repeat the above steps and again don’t click the OK button! Fun Fact 🙂

  2. I have been FB free for about 3 months now. For me it was a beneficial move. I was hardly on it, and I was over the annoying updates. I do agree it is a great way to bring people together though. I am glad you got to see your cousin!

    Your hair looks adorable!! Great job on the 6miler, and hooray for Puerto Rico. I am whoaaa jealous.

    • Way to go! I moved all my pictures to kodak gallery so I don’t even have an excuse any more, I’m sure it will go away eventually.

      And thank you! Don’t be too too jealous though, there are supposed to be scattered showers the whole time, LAME.

  3. I honestly think pictures is one of the biggest reasons for keeping facebook. Too many priceless memories on there.


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