Pro Compression Giveaway Time!!

*** This giveaway has ended, the lucky winner was entry #81 Melissa Carney! @koskim – congrats! ***

Good morning ladies and gents. It is no surprise that I am not running BUT I have been utilizing the Pro Compression Marathon socks as a tool in my recovery arsenal. While I debated putting off my review until I was running I just don’t think thats fair to you guys : ) plus I don’t think many people have reviewed these babies as part of  surgery recovery process (for any of you that are new, I tore my ACL and got surgery 5/21 – progress update).

Post surgery I have been wearing my marathon socks along with my ice machine. They help to keep the circulation going in my lower legs and move the extra fluid up where it can be disposed of. Immediately following surgery my feet, ankles, calves, knees, quads, EVERYTHING were swollen. It hurt a little bit to squeeze into the socks but when I did my legs started to feel instantly better.Image 7Before surgery my knee was still in pretty rough shape. I was working out because the Dr. told me that the more muscle I maintain pre-surgery the faster my recovery would be. I was doing a lot of circuit training (Check out this twist on the Men’s Health Spartacus work out) that would leave me exhausted and sore. Seeing as I typically work out mid day at the office, I would throw my compression socks on under my work clothes and let them help in my leg recovery all 3(14)I seriously don’t have enough good things to say about these socks. They made my legs feel a million times better in just a matter of minutes. While I can’t speak to how fabulous they probably make your leg feel when you are running I can tell you that they are magical for recovery and at doing their job of increasing circulation and moving fluid up where it belongs.

Seeing as only one person will win this I wanted to share the June promo code for the month! I think we are all lucky because for the month of June the 5 NEON marathon socks shown below are 40% off!! Just use the code NEON at check out. 52-1


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30 replies

  1. I would you my pro compression socks for recovering after long runs! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. DEFINITELY recovery!

  3. I would use those socks to recover in between and after I run the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge in Disneyland in September!

  4. Looks like you’re taking your recovery in the best way possible! You’ll be back up to speed in no time! I’d use mine for post-race recovery for sure!

  5. recovery recovery recovery. my shin splints flare up after runs… coming home to some nice, new compression socks would be fabulous!

  6. I NEED SOCKS! I don’t know why I have’t purchased any of these yet…I am so behind.

  7. would love these for recovery purposes

  8. I would love them for recovery! Especially today 🙂

  9. I’ve always wanted to try a pair for recovery!

  10. I’m training to run my first half marathon and would LOVE them for recovery!

  11. I would love to try these runs out to help with recovery. I have never tried out compression socks and have heard amazing things about them. Last year I suffered a stress fracture in my tibia and want to do everything I can to prevent a future injury!

  12. Just like Brittany I am behind and own NONE of these……. so I should probably enter this giveaway or purchase some asap.

  13. Recovery… and sometimes for pretending I’m cool by wearing them around the house for fun 🙂

  14. I would use these most often for running, but I also wear them on long drives and plane trips. I do already have a pair of these, but I could sure use a second pair.

  15. I really want to try these for a run but would prob end up wearing them on my upcoming overseas flight!

  16. I would use them during my long runs and when I’m racing!

  17. I would definitely use them for triathlon training and when my legs hurt from teaching all day long!

  18. Those lime green w pink on them…I’m in love lol

  19. i would use them for recovery! and to keep my feet warm of course lol!

  20. it would be so awesome to be able to give these a try! I would love to use them for my next half marathon training (I’ll be running my next half in October). Plus, they would be great for helping with my circulation…leg blood clots run in my family!

  21. Run & recovery! ProCompression socks are all I use!

  22. ProCompression is the best for running and recovery! So comfy, like a hug on your feet!

  23. I would use the pro compression marathon socks to run my trail half and 24 hour race in! Love the compression socks and how quickly I recover from races! I don’t own any pro compression, yet but would love to win some!

    Sending healing thoughts your way! Speedy recovery!
    I did tweet about the giveaway but don’t know how to get the URL on phone!
    Jenni 🙂

  24. i have poor leg circulation, so i definitely need a pair of compression socks! LOVE the neon colors 🙂

  25. I think I would shower in compression if it was socially acceptable to have perpetually-smelly calves. I used to wear sleeves but since I had surgery on my ankle I have been wearing socks ’cause the sleeves were helping my ankle in it’s mission to be extra-swollen. In all seriousness, I have been able to do so much more and my recovery has been much smoother and more comfortable since wearing the socks.


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