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Last night I had a sweet craving so I decided to try to make my own paleo brownies. I took a regular brownie recipe and started substituting in paleo ingredients. I think I’ll still to cooking. How dry does this look?! Not as dry as it tasted that is for sure. Luckily dinner wasn’t a disaster, if that had been the case I would have gone to bed mighty hungry!Dinner started out with a non paleo salad (corn isn’t paleo) – I love corn and this stuff has been staring me in the face since I started eating paleo and I decided to eat it. It is a vegetable after all and one of my favorites. I am not die-hard to any eating plan, I eat what makes me happy and paleo fits the bill for now. The salad was mixed greens, mushrooms, corn, EVOO, balsamic vinegar, and sea salt. Perfecto.The main course was Logan’s Hot Italian Sausage (shocking) with a baked sweet potato. I suck at baking potatoes. I normally take a grand total of 20 minutes to make dinner so when something needs to be cooked for 45 minutes to an hour there is a good chance it will end up under cooked. When I got home from work I immediately turned the oven on to 400F, stabbed the sweet tot a bunch of times with a fork and placed it on some tin foil in the oven. I set the timer for 45 minutes, did a few things, then starving went for the salad. I took my time eating the salad and there was 20 minutes left on the timer and figured I could start on the sausage. Patience is not something I have mastered, clearly. I put butter and franks hot sauce on the tot. I had planned on using siracha but I apparently don’t have any at home. I love franks so I am not even close to complaining about the substitution. It tasted good, a bit hard but good.If any one is looking for a good Christmas present to send me I think a travel mug would be a good choice! My apt has coffee in the lobby every morning and I actually stayed at my own apartment last night (first time in 9 days…) and decided I wanted coffee for on my way to work. I filled up about 1/2 the water bottle with almond milk and the rest coffee. I got some funny looks in the lobby… I guess traditional travel mugs don’t have a sippy top?! I personally think they should. I was able to have the coffee bypass my teeth completely (no one likes stained teeth right??). Not to make this post even longer but it is Thursday which means its PMB day. I’ll make it short and sweet. Thanks you Hollie for hosting per usual.Physical: My face. I have actually been taking the time to put on make up this week. I think it my have something to do with the fact I am on a 2nd project at work and I think my lead is amazing. She is always dressed to the T and she has such nice things! I can’t look like a total shlep in meetings! Plus I met the client team who works out of another office so I tried to doll myself up a little. When I have afternoon meetings I normally look pretty plain Jane because I don’t bother putting make up on after the gym. Not this week my friends, not this week : )
Mental: I admittedly have a small obsession with food. I’m typically always planning ahead so that I can make my own food and ensure I’m not stuck hungry or having to grab food that is convenient because it’s not healthy and I don’t care to spend the money. Well this week I haven’t been thinking about food as much / I have been eating less than usual. I have been really consistent with eating breakfast, a piece of fruit, lunch, and just dinner. I feel very comfortable in my skin right now and I think it’s because I am not really obsessing about food. By not obsessing I noticed I’m not as hungry. One of my friends from home just started a blog and I read something on it yesterday that made me do a ahhhaa. “Eat and drink enough to fuel you.  No more.  No less.” It’s so simple. I realized I had been doing that all week and think I deserve a pat on the back. Thanks Mike.
Brag: I ran 8 miles on Tuesday. I haven’t run more than 6 miles (which has only happened twice) since June… I also managed to be on par with my racing pace from earlier this year. Very exciting!

Q: Who is doing Fresh 5 tomorrow? If you are new here Fresh 5 Fridays is a day to share with your fellow bloggers 5 new blogs you have found recently and think should get a little shout out. Tomorrow will be week three of this little tradition, can check out the blogs I chose for week 1 and week 2.Q: What do you have to brag about this week?
Q: What is your latest kitchen disaster?

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  1. Yay for running farther that you’re used to running!! I miss my long days but I always felt so accomplished after. And I like that quote about fueling yourself. I too have an obsession with food. Not good!

  2. So happy for this entire post. I love that you were able to run 8-how awesome. Nothing takes away from the accomplishment of running longer and longer again, believe me I know! Also wearing makeup everyday? I need to get to your level LOL.

    • I skipped today : ) I’m only working until noon and I’ll be at my desk all day, and I’m wearing slippers hehe. I am planning on trying to run all of Central Park this afternoon / to and from the hotel so that will be 9.5 miles! WOAHHH. Fingers crossed, may the running gods be with me!!

  3. I suppose I can brag that I am keeping up my running routine despite the worst treadmill situation ever at my parents house (in the basement facing washer & dryer)! I haven’t had a disaster in awhile thank goodness. I think the last may have been trying to make beer cheese soup and doing everything out of order and it turned out disgusting!

    • i was pretty annoyed because i had gone to the grocery store (granted i needed lettuce for lunch for today and tomorrow) and bought cocoa powder and chocolate chips. such a waste of ingredients!!

  4. I’m still pretty proud of your eight miles 🙂 And I feel as though I would probably still devour the brownies…as long as there is chocolate!

  5. The 12 days of Xmas starts at Starbucks tomorrow. They usuall have awesome coffee mugs on MEGA sale. I stock up on the travel mugs and use them throughout the year! Congrats on the 8 miles. That is awesome!

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