Cranfiggy and Soy Sitting In a Tree

The boy’s lifting session went a little bit like this todayOh yea, I moved 50lbs with EACH of my arms. NBD. This inspired me to start a new section in Work Outs because I can’t categorize this as a circuit because I wasn’t trying to get my heart racing and bouncing around quickly from each work out to the next. I only did sit ups during the benching because he had to spot me and then would lift his own heavier (he went up to 90lbs!!!) things and I have a short attention span – enter sit ups. We also chat while we work out together so this took about 35 minutes, if you tried to power through it I’m sure you could. My goal though was to get the 50lbs up! For the seated chest press I set it to 50lbs to start and when I sat down for my 3rd and final set I noticed it was at 60lbs and asked if he had been upping it the entire time. He had. Sneaky boy.

Moving on… LUNCH! I brought in a another salad but changed up the dressing. My soy sauce vinaigrette was running super low at the office so I snagged the jar of Cranfiggy Chutney that we got recently on a wine tour. I dumped the baby jar into my left over soy vinaigrette, crossed my fingers, and wished for the best. It was DELICIOUS! There was just enough for the salad and I’m a happy camper. Compared to yesterdays salad this is the same with the addition of 1/2 an avocado. It was delicious and now it is gone : (I was inspired by two new-to-me blogs to make sweet potato with siracha tonight and I’m super excited. The original post is on Molly’s blog Heart Sole & Cereal and the one I saw it on was from Megan at Running On Java.

Q: Do you have any funny / embarrassing gym stories? Today at the gym when I was benching the 45lb weights I got stuck at the end and he had to grab the weights, some how it ended up with me, still laying on the bench, him walking forward over the bench to get the weights, so I didn’t drop them on myself, and I ended up with his shorts completely burying me. Awkward, yes, hilarious, oh yea. I’m guessing any one who saw this debacle of me saying “I’m stuck I’m stuck, grab them!!!” and then being veiled by his shorts got a good giggle out of the situation too. Your turn!

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2 replies

  1. Way to go, girl! sounds like you’re a beast to me 🙂

  2. That is so funny. I don’t have any humorous gym stories as of late but it’s always nice to know someone else feels as awkward as I do there LOL. That boyfriend workout is intense!

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