Track Interval 1

On a standard 4 lap to a mile track:

1 mile warm up run

20/10 12 rounds (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest)

1) Side to side jumps w/ push up (in the plank position jump your legs to the right, then the left, then to center, do a push up)
2) Push-up & Plank Oblique Toe Touch (in the plank position do a push up, reach left leg out to right side and touch toe with right arm, come to center, push up, repeat with other side)

1 mile
1 lap easy jog
1 lap 70% run

20/10 12 rounds
1) Push-Up Side Plank & Reach Through (do a push up, rotate to side plank, take top arm and reach under and behind your body, bring it back up pointing to the sky, come down to regular plank, do a push up and repeat on the other side)
2) Prisoner get up (lay on your back, do a sit up and stand up with out your arms, hinge and the knees to sit down again and lay back to the ground)

1 mile
1 lap – sprint the straights and jog turns
1 lap – medium jog

20/10 12 rounds
1) Jump with Knee Slap (jump up and bring knees as close to chest as you can and slap knees with hands – don’t hurt yourself obviously!)
2) Goblet Squat (spread legs farther than shoulder distance apart, point out toes, squat and let your butt drop past your knees, stand up and push pelvic forward to squeeze glutes and hamstring)

1 mile cool down

Should take about an hour – cheers!

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