Week 1 Post ACL Surgery

Today is a big day. It marks one week from my first major surgery and is my first day of physical therapy. I am really looking forward to PT this afternoon because I have been really frustrated with my limitations… Read More ›

Sandy Blues

After an impromptu 4 days weekend its back to work! And back to a normal routine. I have honestly missed my lunch time gym sessions. I skipped Friday in leu of relaxing, Saturday was busy with wineries and a halloween… Read More ›

Tough Mudder #2

I had mentioned I was quite nervous about this little number because I hadn’t run much this summer. Thankfully the group I ran with had been in the same boat so we were all cruising along together at a happy… Read More ›

WOD again

I read a WOD on a site earlier this week and gave it a go on Wednesday. I’ve seen the wall ball squat and throw move around but never tried it. My new gym has a cross functional room so… Read More ›

my WOD x2

I got abused today: 10 clean and press – I did 20lbs and switched to 15lbs for the final set 10 KB swings – 32lbs 20 steps ups – 10 each leg, drive knee up 10 push ups 10 bar toe… Read More ›

Love people watching

I went for an easy 6 mile run today and need to say thank you to a few people I saw that made this leisurely jog so enjoyable. 1) Young, teen something, couple that was publicly arguing / breaking up… Read More ›

I’m so attractive…

So I finally found a picture of myself from the ten miler race I did last Sunday. BEWARE: EXTREME BEAUTY TO FOLLOW: Yummmmm. This was the full out sprint at the end of the race. There was a guy who… Read More ›


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