circuit work out

Lunch time circuit

Why hello again, after the food post from the morning I figured I’d squeeze a little fitness into the day as well. This was a quick (>20 minutes) work out and I ended up using a few machines after because… Read More ›


Ah guys I’ve been so bad at this! The job has me swamped and not wanting to be near my computer when I finally get home! The whole Paleo thing last a solid 24 hours… I have been for the… Read More ›

Work it.

My new office building has a great gym in it so I decided to cancel my current membership, which I never used, and join the one here. I worked out, finalllly, yesterday over lunch and did a super fast circuit… Read More ›

My Sat am WOD

Warm up: Fast 1 mile, I ran 1/2 @ 7.5, 1/4 @ 8.0, 1/4 @ 10.0 Circuit: 10 box jumps 10 incline push ups 20 KB swing, alternating arms, 25lbs 10 bent over rows, try to be all balls of… Read More ›

I’m so attractive…

So I finally found a picture of myself from the ten miler race I did last Sunday. BEWARE: EXTREME BEAUTY TO FOLLOW: Yummmmm. This was the full out sprint at the end of the race. There was a guy who… Read More ›


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