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Obligatory Crappy Run

It was bound to happen. My runs have been too enjoyable lately so I needed a kick in the butt as a reminder that it isn’t always easy and I am not going to just soar through training like it’s… Read More ›

Longest Solo Run Evaa

I have to thank my roommate for making this run pleasant. I typically run the Mt.Vernon Trail along the Potomac River around Arlington & Alexandria VA. From where I start the path goes south 4.2 miles and then north about… Read More ›

Gosh Darnit

On the agenda for the day was a 2 mile shake out. I have given up trying to run the Tuesday and Friday runs at this 10 min pace nonsense so I ended up with hanging at 6.5 on the… Read More ›

______ & Bacon.

I had you at bacon didn’t I? One of the joys of paleo living is that bacon has zero guilt. Now paleo literature does not tell you to eat bacon on a daily basis or anything but recipes out there… Read More ›

Le Treadmill

Throw back! That ended up not being the complete worst thing in the world. Now putting on my heals and tights back in the office may just be the worst thing ever. To make things a little bit more exciting… Read More ›

Hungry For Change

I mentioned yesterday that this documentary popped up on my radar recently so last night I parked myself on the couch with my roomie and a gf and we watched it. I thought the movie was pretty interesting, I always… Read More ›

Baby Weight

This morning went as smooth as any, I woke up, made some breakfast, got dressed for work, and picked out a gym outfit from my perfectly organized gym clothing closet. I made it to work by 7:30, did my thing,… Read More ›


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