No Pasta Pasta

I forgot to take a picture of this I’m sorry : ( So here are some generic ones I found courtesy of google!

All that you need is some broccoli, mushrooms, minced garlic, olive oil spray and your favorite pasta sauce!

Bring some water to boil and throw in your fresh broccoli, makes sure to salt the water!

Meanwhile saute mushrooms in olive oil, adding in minced garlic halfway through to avoid burning the garlic.

Once the mushrooms are done toss in a cup of pasta sauce into the saute pan. Drain broccoli (cook for 5ish minutes) and add to saute pan.

Add a little salt, pepper & crushed red to taste and viola!

(using 2 cups brocoli, 1 cup marinara & 5 white mushrooms)
Calories: 211
Total Fat: 6
Sodium: 1000
Potassium: 1500
Carbs: 32
Fiber: 10
Sugar: 2
Protein 11

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