Adobo Lime Tilapia & Habanero Vegetables

Tilapia Filet
1/4 large green bell pepper
1 roma tomato
Handful of mushrooms
Habanero Salt
Adobo Lime RUb
Olive Oil
Brown Rice (if you want it)

To begin – my dad got me a Groupon for my birthday a while back for spices from Milford Spices. I feel in love because their website seriously has EVERYTHING! So many awesome blends and whole herbs, you name it. I placed my order April 11th… and the spices are making their debut this week… AKA it took 3 months for me to get these, I’m not very happy. Looking at forums apparently its a super small company that just got over loaded when they did the Groupon but I also got directed to some other great companies / sites for spices so while I like the ones I have tried so far I do not think I will use Milford again, we will see though.

For the fish I picked out the Adobo Lime Rub, it is a mix of: fennel seed, cumin, coriander, black pepper, garlic, mexican oregano, lime zest, kosher salt, thyme and rosemary.

I applied it liberally to my tilapia on both sides – I would like a make a shout out to my friend Jamie who follows my blog but prefers to text me her comments and after my request for animal protein sources that were cheap she told me to try out tilapia. I have had it out in restaurants before but never cooked it myself – it is SUPER easy so don’t be intimidated because its fish!! And thank you Jamie : )

Next up is the habanero salt! This is just sea salt and habanero and its to die for!

I cut up some mushrooms, a full roma tomato and a quarter of a HUGE bell pepper. *the remainder pepper is going to be used in a 4th of July picnic and it is going to be to die for. SO if you aren’t too hung over Thursday swing by again and see what got whipped up! : )

Some where in the background of these pictures is a small pan with some instant brown rice – I was hungry so I went lazy… Any ways… in a non stick pan over med – med/high heat, heat up semw EVOO – oil is ready when it gets thin and moves freely in the pan – add in your fish.

After about 3 – 4 minutes flip the fish. Watch for the bottom starting to get brown and the flesh to get more opaque. Depending on the size of your fish this will be shorter or longer!

Meanwhile get your veggies going in some EVOO, minced garlic, black pepper and habanero salt! I cooked this until the tomatoes got super wrinkly and then decided to pull them!

How pretty did the vegetables come out!!

This fish was divine! I have another filet I plan on using later this week so I will come up with a new variation for you!

: )

Q: What is your favorite way to cook fish? Oven, pan… something else awesome I’ve never even heard of???

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