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  • Post ACL Workouts and Eats

    Only six more days until surgery!!! It has been 20 days since that fateful soccer game that has sidelined me from running for most of the year. While I could be getting mopey I have been staying positive and trying… Read More ›

  • My Seattle Adventures

    My trip to Seattle was amazing. Sarah is my best girl friend from college, we were the only girls in all of our Computer Science classes so we became best friends really quick – I can’t believe we graduated 3… Read More ›

  • Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop?

    Well the North Face Endurance crew was not able to accommodate my pleas of transferring registration to next year… I posted my registration up on Craigslist and got not hits so I did what any normal person would do. I… Read More ›

  • Bday Dins & Juicing Adventures

    On Tuesday night the manfriend and I went out to an adorable french bistro in Georgetown called Cafe Bonaparte. I loved the food but not so much the space. Our table was itty bitty but the food definitely made up… Read More ›

  • Juicing and Grocery Shopping

    I have A MILLION pictures from Seattle and will definitely talk about that later this week. I still need to upload and organize all those bad boys. So until then… I love seeing what peoples grocery carts look like so… Read More ›

  • Week 1 Reflection

    Well it is my one week torn ACL anniversary. I swear this is easily the worst relationship I have ever been in, the ACL does nothing for me. I’m so kind to my knee, I stretch it, I ice it,… Read More ›

  • So Many Friends

    This weekend was awesome. On Friday night Brennan and I took a much needed date night. I swear having a puppy is like having a baby! Saturday is when the whirlwind started. Sasha woke us up nice and early and… Read More ›

  • Sidelined and Getting Ripped

    Well, worst case scenario came to fruition unfortunately. My ACL is torn and I will need surgery. I won’t be up and running for about 4 – 6 months after surgery. I have an MRI scheduled for next week to see how… Read More ›

  • I could cry…

    Oh wait, I already did! After playing for about 20 minutes last night in my soccer game I was being all sorts of fancy defending some one when I heard the most wretched pop / tear / OMG WTF WAS… Read More ›

  • My Mug Is Uglier Than Yours… Picture Time!

    1) Brennan looking cold and musclerific, me hiding behind him. 2) Tim being the most badass 40 something year old ever and my bodyless head scrambling to use the netting even though I had no feeling in my arms at… Read More ›

  • Jalapeño 1 – Megan 0

    Have you ever had a jalepeño popper? Well they are basically hollowed out peppers stuffed with cream cheese, then finally topped with shredded cheese and panko. Sounds good so far right? I should have known better but I helped out… Read More ›

  • Tough Mudder #3 & Boston Memorial Run

    The Tough Mudder Mid-Atlantic was held in West Virginia this year. We decided to board the Sasha Bear at the breeder to make sure that she had lots of loving and so we could go over to WV Friday night… Read More ›


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