Liebster Blog Award

Never Say Never & Luv What you Do nominated me for the Liebster Award! Thank you ladies!!! : ) This award is all about learning more about the bloggers you like, so thanks for passing that along! Also, don’t forget to enter… Read More ›

Blogging Hiatus

Hello World… Yours truly has a super super exciting next few days coming up. I would like to share the plans with you and briefly apologize (I can not vouch for how sincere it is) that I will not be… Read More ›

7 Things

A couple weeks ago the lovely Raquel tagged me in a post called 7 things. The general idea is to share 7 things that you like / enjoy / are overly jazzed about at the moment. Then to keep the… Read More ›

Dear Yogi Green Tea Energy,

“Your greatness is measured by your gifts, not by what you have.“ Well Yogi, what I have is energy. Mounds and mounds of energy. I haven’t had caffeine in close to two weeks (unintentional, I don’t drink coffee and just haven’t had… Read More ›


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