Random Musings

Great Success

I was thisssss close to skipping my run this morning. I did not though, one of the thoughts that got me out the door was “dang it, am I going to have to tell my readers that I was a bum… Read More ›

Last Week Tally

About a month ago I started using DailyMileagain to start tracking my work outs. I have found that being held accountable both through this here blog and my DailyMile account helps me out big time with getting my butt to… Read More ›

PMB – Week 2

Thank you again Hollie for this lovely day of braggery. Physical Brag: My stomach!! I have been eating great and running all week so my stomach has been uber flat and is making me sooooo happy. I practically look like I used… Read More ›

CrossFit Football

I can’t really take credit for coming up with today’s work out. I wasn’t feeling super gungho about anything work out wise today so I sat back and let the boy tell me what I needed to do. He got… Read More ›

PMB – Week 1

I decided to hop on Hollie’s happy train and join the PMB revolution. In her words “If you don’t love yourself (and aren’t proud of your accomplishments) how can you love and be proud of others?” Pretty awesome right? Bandwagons are cool… Read More ›

And we lost power

We lost power just as we finished making dinner. All there is left to do is drink beer, play 500 rummy, and wait for the candles to run out. Oh and the government is closed again tomorrow so rain day… Read More ›


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