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PMB – dec 12

Thank you again Hollie for this lovely day of braggery. I missed this last week so it’s good to be back! Physical Brag: I am running a lot this week. I managed a 5 mile run at noon, a 50 minute soccer… Read More ›

Overdue Blog Awards

Meghan (awesome name right) from After the Ivy League nominated me for the Liebster blog award last week. Thank you Meghan!! I filled this puppy out back in October so mosey on over there to learn some more rando things… Read More ›

Puppy Love

Originally I had planned on going to yoga this morning but I decided to join Sasha at a free play for puppies under 16 weeks. Seeing as yoga is always there and she won’t be “small” forever I went for… Read More ›

Salsa “Pasta”

When I went to the kitchen to start thinking about dinner last night I realized my groceries were a little off balance. Not the end of the world, just meant I needed to get a little creative. I still have… Read More ›

New York, New York

Hello world, I have missed you! I made the decision to not bring my computer with me to NYC this weekend. It was weird being totally separate from this little blogging family, all my friends were laughing at my obsession… Read More ›

Mixing Things Up A Bit

Last night after dinner of Logan’s Sausage and Veggies I went to see Rise of The Gaurdians. If you like Pixar type movies you should definitely go see this! I am not a huge animated movie fan but this one was a lot of fun. The… Read More ›

Thanksgiving and Family

I feel like sharing lots of pictures today so this is going to be a big picture dump from Thanksgiving and from visiting my Grandpa on Friday!Next Day Grandpa’s Woodwork / Shop (he is 88…)Mid Afternoon at My AuntsThis MorningNow… Read More ›


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